Alien Isolation Xenomorph screenshots

Alien Isolation VR mod adds motion controller support, making it one of the best VR games to date

Back in 2014, we informed you about a mod for Alien: Isolation that re-enabled Oculus Rift Support. Since then, modder ‘Nibre’ has been working on this mod – obviously not on a daily basis – and released yesterday a new version that adds proper motion controller support. As such, Alien Isolation can now be fully played in VR – on both the Oculus Rift and Vive headsets – and appears to be one of the most immersive and amazing VR games to date.

Now I seriously don’t understand why SEGA and Creative Assembly have dropped the ball on the game’s VR support. The potential for an incredible VR experience in Alien Isolation was huge and thank God we’ve got modders who can allow us to experience the game this way.

Thanks to this newly introduced motion controller support, players can actually hold the tracker and guns in their hands and aim like in real life. Now this sounds amazing and is how a proper VR game should be playing (instead of using a controller or a K&M like with the older versions of this mod).

As Nibre said:

“You can now play the game using just the Oculus Touch or Vive Controllers! The UI even updates to reflect the VR input mappings, allowing you to switch between whichever input device you want on the fly. For actions that aren’t commonly shown on screen, you can see what they’re mapped to for your platform at Options ->MotherVR->Input->View Controls. Because of the lack of distinct tactile buttons on the Vive, for the Flashlight I’ve instead added a gesture that can action it–just hold your right hand near your head, and press Interact. It’s pretty immersive, because you feel like your physically handling the Flashlight strapped on your head. This works on all platforms, but is required for the Vive (along with any other ‘Y’ mapped actions).”

The VR mod for Alien Isolation is called MotherVR and you can download its latest version from here.

Have fun everyone!