Skyrim Special Edition new

This 3.2 AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for Skyrim Special Edition overhauls all common clothes

Modder ‘kartoffel’ has released a new HD Texture Pack for Skyrim Special Edition. According to its description, this mod improves the textures of all Common Clothes. The modder has used AI techniques in order to upscale the original textures. As such, this pack retains the art style of the original game.

Going into more details, the modder has removed BC1-3 compression with Bc1-smooth2 model. Afterwards, he upscaled the textures with the interpolated model Manga109 and WeaponsAndArmor at 0.8. And then, he compressed the new textures to BC7.

This HD Texture Pack is 3.2GB in size and you can download it from here. Since this pack overhauls only the Common Clothes, I suggest using it alongside other HD Texture Packs. For instance, you can also use Periphery of Skyrim – Armor and Weapons Remastered which improves the textures of all armor and weapons.

You can also use the Static Mesh Improvement Mod as well as the Skyrim High Polygon Project. Other mods that may interest you are Skyrim 3D Trees and PlantsHD LODs TexturesSeptentrional Landscapes SE and Skyrim 2020 Version 3.5.

Lastly, you can find below some screenshots that showcase the overhauled textures that this mod brings to the table.