STALKER feature

Someone is working on a STALKER Remake/Remaster in Unreal Engine 4

While GSC GameWorld is currently working on STALKER 2, YouTube’s ‘Ivan Sorce’ is currently working on porting the first STALKER game in Unreal Engine 4. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether Sorce will release this fan game to the public. However, we can at least get a taste of it in its latest gameplay video.

So far, Ivan Sorce has imported some of the weapons and animations. Moreover, he reworked some parts of the Agroprom level. Not only that, but the developer has also created bump and normal maps. Additionally, he developed new AI code for some of the game’s enemies.

It’s also worth noting that Ivan Sorce has also added a new feature to the game. When players now walk, they will make noise. Moreover, when they shooting they will make more noise and this will warn their enemies about their presence. Of course the loudness of the sound/noise will depend on the material they shoot.

Below you can find a gameplay video from the latest build of this STALKER Remake in Unreal Engine 4. From the looks of it, the modder aims to get as close to the original game as possible. Also keep in mind that this project is being developed by a single person. As such, you should temper your expectations. As we’ve already said, we also don’t know when and if this project will be available to the public.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more!

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Unreal Engine 4 [ Level agr_underground] Testing snork New AI