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New version released for Static Mesh Improvement Mod; overhaul that improves countless static 3D models in Skyrim

Our very own Brumbek has released a new version of his amazing Static Mesh Improvement Mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In this new version, Brumbek edited all new candle meshes I used from Ruins Clutter Improved to use custom SMIM candle directory paths, created new proper collision for all Imperial Jail meshes and fixed various issues.

In case you weren’t aware of, the Static Mesh Improvement Mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim edits many 3D models to improve their appearance and to fix many of the ugly seams and other oddities. Brumbek started in February 2012 with the ultimate goal of improving about 500 of the worst offenders and in June 2014 750+ meshes have been completed. In 2016, the mod included over 15,000 placements of said meshes and in October 2016 900+ meshes were improved, with over 30,000+ placements.

To put it simply; this is a must-have mod for all Skyrim fans. Static Mesh Improvement Mod also comes with a fancy installation script that lets you pick and choose which parts of SMIM you want and pick various texture options.

Those interested can download the mod from here, and below you can find its complete changelog.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod Version 2.08 Release Notes

  • SMIM’d the Dragonborn DLC docks and fences meshes at Raven Rock (about 60 placements) to use my 3D ropes. A new “29 Raven Rock 3D Ropes” folder has been added, and the installer has been updated to have a new “Ropes 3D – Raven Rock Docks” option. 
  • Had to remove two rope sections for dlc2rrdockstr02.nif to fix the ropes clipping with in-game objects. Collision updated to delete these rope sections.
  • Improved the collision mesh for dlc2rrdockstr02.nif to fix issues. 
  • Fixed minor UV mapping errors on the end of the wood posts in Raven Rock meshes dlc2rrdock01.nif and dlc2rrlanternpost01.nif. 
  • Fixed texture seams on the main wood beam piece in Raven Rock meshes dlc2rrdock01.nif and dlc2rrlanternpost01.nif. 
  • Fixed stretched and glitched UV mapping on floor boards for dlc2rrdockstr02.nif. Other meshes have this issue too…just don’t look too closely. 
  • Created new proper collision for all Imperial Jail meshes. The original game used flat planes with transparent Havok Layer so that you could actually shoot arrows directly through the metal. Lame! Meshes: impjaildoorframe01.nif, impjailpole01.nif, impjailtop01.nif, impjailwall01.nif, impjailwall02.nif, impjailwall03.nif. Thanks to Pherim for getting me to take a look at this. 
  • Edited all new candle meshes I used from Ruins Clutter Improved to use custom SMIM candle directory paths (folders 13, 17, 71, 72). This is done because the new candles have altered texture UV mapping, so they really should use custom textures only used for them. Ruins Clutter Improved by default changes the vanilla candle textures, which creates issues if another mod edits candles and relies on those vanilla candle texture UV layouts. Now the Arcane Enchanter will look correct even if you don’t use Ruins Clutter Improved along with SMIM. Ruins Clutter Improved is still completely recommended alongside SMIM. 
  • Updated special BYOH and USKP chandelier candles to use the new Ruins Clutter Improved versions (byohinterfaceimpchandelier01.nif and impchandelliercandle01uskp.nif). 
  • SMIM friend Penetrator3 pointed out this issue, fix described next. SMIM’d the 2D chains on the special chained Ratway door (riftenrwdoorspecial01.nif). Added to the “3D Chains – Misc” install option. 
  • Cleaned the “SMIM-SE-SolitudeDocksFixes.esp” to remove one deleted record. Thanks to Danidv for pointing this out.

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