Thief Gold is now available on Good Old Games

Remember when we predicted that Thief would be coming on Good Old Games? And it’s true that we were kind of disappointed when we found out that the hidden hero that was hinted in GoG’s announcement was not Garrett, but we knew that he would find his way to CD Projekt’s distribution service. After all, this is a true masterpiece and deserves to be in every digital distribution service. And look and behold; Thief Gold is right now available on GoG. Hell yeah.
Thief Gold is priced at 10 bucks and supports both Windows XP and Windows Vista/7. Thief is a first-person perspective stealth game and it was the first game to use light and sound gameplay mechanics, as different surfaces cause varying noise. For example, carpets are quiet and ceramic tiles are very loud. You can use sound to your advantage as you can use it to distract your enemies by throwing objects.
With unscripted levels, and objectives and paths altered based on difficulty settings, Thief Gold can give you hours of non-repetitive gameplay.
Those interested can purchase it from GoG.