These mods enable God Mode for both The Surge and Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen was one of the first successful Souls-like games. LOTF was created by Deck13 Interactive and CI Games, with the former creating another Souls-like game, The Surge. And earlier this month, modder ‘Jeff B’ released two mods that enable a God Mode to them.

Going into more details, the mod for Lords of the Fallen enables God Mode by granting invincibility, 99 Spell & Attribute Points. After using all 99 Attribute Points, you can add 99 more by disabling God Mode and re-enabling it. Therefore, you can level your character to your heart’s content. On the other hand, the mod for The Surge enables God Mode by granting you invincibility. It also unlocks all armor and weapon sets.

According to the modder, the mod for The Surge (and most likely for LOTF too) is not permanent. Therefore, players will have to Re-Enable it each time they launch the game.

Unfortunately, it appears that these mods only work with a controller (the modder does not give any activation instructions for keyboard and mouse). In order to install them, you’ll have to place in the folder where the games store your saves & logs. It usually is C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\Lords of the Fallen and C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\The Surge. You’ll have then to right-click the settings.ini file you just installed, click Properties, tick the Read-Only box, and then click apply & okay. To activate God Mode, you’ll have to press & hold LT, RT + B on XBOX controller or L2,R2 + O on PS4 controller.

You can download the “God Mode” for Lords of the Fallen from here, and for The Surge from here.

Have fun!