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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Gamescom 2014 Trailer is From PC Build, Uncompressed Video Released

A couple of hours ago, CD Projekt RED revealed a new gameplay trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Naturally, a lot of gamers wondered from which build this gameplay footage is coming from and we are happy to say that it’s undoubtedly coming from the PC version.

First and foremost, we strongly suggest downloading the uncompressed video from Gamersyde. This video is around 1.3GB and shows the full graphical quality of CD Projekt RED’s latest gameplay footage.

The main difference between the PC and the console versions is unquestionably Nvidia’s hardware accelerated Fur effects. In The Witcher 3, wolves and other creatures will receive some special ‘fur’ treatment. Thankfully, this new gameplay trailer packs wolves and at the end of it we get to see Nvidia’s Fur tech in action.

However, we do have to note that the game’s framerate felt sluggish (or at least not as smooth as we’d hoped). While the video itself was running at 60fps, the game seemed to be running at fixed 30fps. This phenomenon can be witnessed on both the YouTube video and the uncompressed 60fps video, suggesting that The Witcher 3 was not running with fluid 60fps. That or CD Projekt RED’s video encoder has messed things up. Moreover, there is noticeable pop-in of distant objects, even on the PC build. Oh, and there is hair clipping.

Apart from these nitpicks, we can clearly see that The Witcher 3 is a really beautiful game. Water effects are simply jaw-dropping. There is bendable vegetation, wind effects can be noticed and the game comes with amazing and highly detailed textures.

Another indicator of the game’s PC nature is its resolution and the amount of AA that has been used. Contrary to the Xbox One E3 footage, there are hardly any jaggies on this new gameplay video.

And if you are still doubting us, CD Projekt RED’s community manager has confirmed to us that it was PC footage.

CD Projekt RED has not unveiled the game’s PC specs, and we don’t know what PC system was used to capture this PC footage.


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