The Witcher 2 – Full Combat Rebalance 2 Mod – Changelog Revealed For Incoming Update

The Witcher 2 v4
CD Projekt RED’s Andrzej Kwiatkowski is currently working on an update for his full combat rebalance mod for The Witcher 2. According to the modder and developer of The Witcher 3, this new update will allow Geralt to parry attacks from behind while he’s standing still. In addition, the update will address a lot of the bugs/issues that plagued the original version of his mod. Kwiatkowski plans to release this update for his mod sometime this week, and you can view its changelog below.
The Witcher 2 – Full Combat Rebalance 2 Mod Update Changelog:
– Phillipa’s missing head.
– Allowed Geralt to parry attacks from behind while he’s standing still. I don’t have animations to allow it for walking and running, which was the reason why it was disabled in initial mod release.
– Fixed wrong installation directory of localization strings.
– Fixed t-pose on throwing items while being in Focused Stance.
– Fixed becoming permanently stuck in casting animation of upgraded Axii Sign.
– Fixed Resonating Crystals not being affected by Aard and Igni in The Secrets of Loc Muinne quest.
– Fixed progression break on riposte phase in Tutorial.
– Fixed Axii not having effect on enemies.
– Fixed locked rotation on opponent when rolling in strafing mode.
– Fixed crafting schematics that didn’t recognize their ingredients in crafting menus.
– Fixed fullscreen effect problem that occured when player maxed Adrenaline bar with skills Magic Atunnement, Adrenaline Rush or High.
– Fixed respec abilities removing core witcher skills.
– Fixed description in Falka’s blood oil.
– Mage friendly fire doesn’t affect Geralt and his allies.
– Increased Geralt’s parry chance. First attack coming in quick succession will always be blocked unless Geralt performs an offensive action.
– Scaled down difficulty levels with Hard becoming new Dark difficulty.
– Scaled up damage reduction of armors.
– Decreased mage’s block and spell block chance.
– Decreased spell block chance of Letho and elite kingslayers.
– Raised Letho’s resistance to Yrden.
– Increased hit points of celaeno harpies.
– Reintroduced 2 second Stamina regeneration cooldown.
– Decreased base Igni damage to 10 and upgraded Igni damage bonus to 10. With Control over the Power skill, Petri’s philter and Maribor Forest potions, player is still able to dish 108 Igni damage with 3 Vigor points.
– Increased duration of all potions and oils to 1 hour (was 10 minutes) with the exception of Cat potion, White Raffard Decoction and Anabolic Steroids.
– Changed the function of White Raffard Decoction to a very potent version of Swallow potion. Previously it worked like traditional healing potion known from other games.
– Added Gadwall potion recipy to Geralt’s starting inventory. Previously it was only obtainable by unlocking Witcher Secrets skill in Alchemy tree – shouldn’t be a requirement for items needed in quests.
– Decreased upgraded Aard stun chance to 10% (was 30%).
– Increased Adrenaline generation from Signs for Signs tree ultimate skill.
– Upgraded Quen stuns 3 enemies around Geralt.
– Increased the number of meteorite ores available in shops.
– Increased the number of rare ingredients available in shops.
– Put another effort to discourage players from immersion-breaking behavior where they constantly rolled behind enemy back to attack with impunity. Removing backstab damage bonus was not enough, so now enemies are allowed to Parry back attacks.
– Improved Igni special effect.
– Made enemies rotate to their targets on Aard hit and Parry.
– Added more informations in skill descriptions.