Attack On Titan – Fan-made prototype game available now, powered by Unity 3D

Attack On Titan
As you are probably already aware of, we love Attack On Titan. And since an official game is not coming anytime soon, we can solely rely on what indie game developers – or modders – can come up with in order to satisfy our need for such a game and experience what it’s like to kill a Titan.
Created by fenglee and powered by Unity 3D, this is a prototype version of a fan-made game based on this amazing anime.
Those interested can go ahead and give it a go here. We’ve also included some videos from it that can be viewed below.
In similar news, an ‘Attack on Titan’ mod has appeared for Second Life, giving players the ability to exercise their skills in Trost. There are already some 3D models for the characters, and there is a functional 3D Maneuver Gear as well.
To be honest, the mod for Second Life looks graphically better than the Unity3D game (though the game itself is not as fun as the Unity3D one), so make sure to check it out too.
In case you are interested in it, all you have to do is start Second Life and do a search for ‘Edelweiss’
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