The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – Enhanced Edition Changelog Part 2

Man, the changelog of The Witcher 2’s enhanced edition seems to be really long. Yesterday, CD Project RED released its first part and today we got the second one. In total, there are 100 fixes, additions, improvements and tweaks for the PC version of The Witcher 2 that will be included in this upcoming update. The enhanced edition of The Witcher 2 is currently slated for an April 17th release. You can view the second part of its PC changelog below. Enjoy!
The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Changelog Part 2:
51. Fixed collisions on Roche’s ship.
52. Fixed chest collision on ship in Chapter 2.
53. Fixed broken poster at Flotsam gate.
54. Fixed Temerian flag collision.
55. Fixed several locations, decorations, walkmeshes and occluders.
56. Small fixes made in environment blending.
57. Assorted fixes made in character lighting.
58. Fixed flying meshes in Prologue.
59. Fixed blinking trees in Chapter 3.
60. Fixed blinking grass on Draug location.
61. Fixed low detail texture on rock in camp of the Order of the Flaming Rose.
62. Fixed Wild Hunt graphics in Chapter 3.
63. Fixed clock in Meditation panel.
64. Fixed broken texture during Meditation in UI.
65. Fixed spyglass icon in Inventory.
66. Added mages’ banner to Epilogue in Loc Muinne.
67. Added Nilfgaardian flags in Chapter 3.
68. Added new FX for magic in Epilogue.
69. Fixed trade stalls in Flotsam so they close at night.
70. Fixed Geralt’s head on cut scene in Prologue.
71. Fixed Golem’s facial expressions.
72. Fixed ragdoll effect on Golem’s body.
73. Fixed ragdoll effect on nekkers.
74. Fixed distortions on Saskia’s voice in cut scene in Chapter 2.
75. ‘Sneak’ mode music is now saved and reappears when a game is loaded.
76. Several fixes introduced in cut scene audio.
77. Fixed cut-scene sound synchronization.
78. Missing sounds supplemented in Chapter 3 cut scenes.
79. Balance of sound and music fixed in Epilogue.
80. Fixed problems with music playback in Epilogue.
81. Fixed reverb in sewers in Chapter 3.
82. Fixed mage teleport sound effect.
83. Fixed crowd in amphitheatre in Chapter 3.
84. Fixed waypoint for Geralt’s death cut scene in Loc Muinne.
85. Fixed situation whereby Geralt could tell Dethmold that he had a spearhead when this was not present in the Inventory.
86. Triss now always casts spell when interviewing wounded elf in Chapter 1.
87. Shilard now holds the Triss figurine when showing it to Assire.
88. Fixed block on Roche’s movement during fight against soldiers on the walls in Chapter 3.
89. Fixed blocker in ‘Conspiracy’ quest in Chapter 2.
90. Items collected in Prologue now appear in correct slots at the opening of Chapter 1.
91. Fixed interaction with Síle’s megascope in Chapter 3.
92. Fixed highlight effect on doors when using Medallion in Chapter 3.
93. Chest can now be looted after fight with Letho in Chapter 1.
94. Added loot to Dethmold’s chest.
95. Fixed loot in containers in Chapter 3.
96. Fixed Letho’s gestures in dialogue sequence in Chapter 3.
97. Fixed a number of inconsistent Journal entries.
98. Fixed Dethmold’s grimoire so it appears in ‘Quest Item’ category in Inventory.
99. Fixed instances where ‘Esc Menu’ could not be accessed.
100. Game can now be saved while walking through the forest with Anezka.
101. Assorted fixes made in game saving functionality and associated menus.
102. Assorted localization improvements have been made.