Total War: Shogun 2 DarthMod 3.5 is now available, compatible with Fall of the Samurai

DarthMod Productions have released a new version of their amazing and realistic mod for Total War: Shogun 2, DarthMod. DarthMod is a mod that features realistic movements, more realistic ballistics, more chaotic and realistic melee mechanics and improved BAI and CAI. To put it simple, DarthMod’s main scope is to destroy the “weak” arcade factors and replace them with realistic features. The new 3.5 is also compatible with the freshly released standalone expansion of Shogun 2, Fall of the Samurai.
Those interested will have to install first DarthMod: Shogun II v3.4 and then install this patch which makes the mod playable after the latest  official patch of Creative Assembly and the new game Fall of the  Samurai.
It includes all the improvements of DarthMod: Shogun II v3.4 but some  features are missing until the mod tools get updated so all available mod files can be tweaked as before.
Specifically this patch disables the special land unit statistics of DarthMod (for example units morale, attack, defense values etc.) but it includes everything else of DarthMod Shogun v3.4 (for example overall dynamic morale, gameplay, CAI improvements etc.)