The War Z Developers Finally Admit That It Was Their Fault For Misleading Players

The War Z v2
Man, things got out of hand with The War Z. Yesterday we posted a lengthy feature for it, and here we are today with another news story for it. Sergey Titov, The War Z’s executive producer, has spoken to both GameSpy and PCGamer. In his first interview with GameSpy, Sergey sounded like a complete… well… you know what. Thankfully, it seems that Sergey has realized how foolish he was for acting like that, and finally admitted that it was their fault for misleading people over the Steam release of The War Z.
In case you were unaware of, Sergey said to GameSpy that it was gamers’ fault for believing that The War Z would feature “areas between 100 to 400 square kilometers”, when in fact there is only one map available that is 72 square kilometers. The Steam page also listed private servers and skills that can be bought with experience points, even though the game does not support either of these two features. Oh, and that it is an MMO when in fact – at least in its current form – it looks like a simple MP-focused game.
When asked who was responsible for the game’s Steam page (a page that contained false advertisement), Sergey stated that it was not Steam’s fault but rather Hammerpoint’s. Sergey also admitted that it was their fault for misleading people.
 ‘We completely understand that players were upset and felt that we mislead them. We absolutely take responsibility for these inconsistencies.’ Sergey said and added:
“Ultimately, it’s our responsibility and no fault of Steam at all. The description on Steam was basically reflecting a list of all the features that either our engine is capable of ( like number of players per server—which can be much higher than 100 for example) as well as our immediate development tasks. The big problem was with some internal communication. As a result of this mistake, our company board reviewed the situation today and we will be making some changes in our structure and with some of our key team members.”
This basically means that some people will get fired – or replaced with others. Still, we’re pretty sure that PC gamers won’t be able to trust the same guys again… or will they at least give them a shot?