The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Coming After All To The PC

The Walking Dead Survival Instict
You know what? It’s really ironic when publishers decide not to comment on a question, when distributors have shared false information, and when you get a proper answer from a pirated group with its latest actions. Despite the claims of Activision’s Greek distributor, IGE, of the PC version getting cancelled, Activision has released this title on the PC, and has already been leaked – though in some regions the game may be already available – by a specific pirated scene group.
What’s really strange here is that the PC logo was nowhere to be found in the latest trailers and press releases. Hell, even the Steam logo wasn’t included in the trailers that were released those past few weeks.
Our guess is that The Walking Dead: SurvivalĀ Instinct PC is getting a digital-only release, something that is furtherĀ strengthened by the fact that Amazon is offering it as a PC-download only. This could also explain IGE’s claims, as IGE is the Greek distributor for Activision’s retail games.
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is planned for a March 22nd release in Europe, and you can view below its latest trailer!