The Walking Dead – Season 3 Confirmed By Telltale Games At Comic-Com 2014

During this year’s Comic-Con, Telltale Games revealed that there will be a third season for its highly successful video-game episodic series, The Walking Dead. That’s really not that surprising as there is no reason to stop creating episodes for a series that brings a lot of revenue, right?

What’s also interesting is the fact that Telltale Games has its hands full with lots of different IP franchises. The fifth episode of The Walking Dead – Season 2 will be released in the coming months, and the team is also working on Tales from the Borderlands and the new video-game adaptation of Game of Thrones.

According to the latest rumors, the fifth and final episode for the second season of The Walking Dead will be released at the end of September.

Kudos to our reader ‘Joao Farias’ for informing us!