ICARUS feature

The second beta for Icarus, survival game from DayZ creator, is now available

RocketWerkz has announced that the second Beta Weekend for its survival game, Icarus, is now available. In case you weren’t aware of, Icarus is a uniquely session-based PvE survival game for up to eight co-op players from the creator of DayZ.

Game Runner and RocketWerkz CEO Dean Hall said:

“Based on the awesome community feedback and pre-orders from our first Beta Weekend, we’ve added so many new items, gameplay systems and balance changes in the last two weeks that we felt players would need more time to grapple with it.

We believe the key to making a great survival game is the ability to rapidly iterate. We have spent a long time developing the architecture to support this, and this Beta Weekend demonstrates our ability to rapidly iterate the game based on player feedback.

While base-destroying storms is the big new feature we’ve unlocked for this Beta Weekend, we’ve also made the playable map four times larger and added new building pieces, hidden caves, more varied animal threats, firearms, debuffs and more talents. It’s a different game from even two weeks ago.”

This latest weekend has unlocked storms, followed by the arctic biome in two weeks’ time, then the desert biome, and special faction missions set by the corporations vying for control of Icarus in the following weeks.

Set on an Earth-like planet where terraforming failed, players explore, craft, build and survive against the elements as part of an interstellar goldrush. Initially equipped with nothing, players drop to the planet for missions lasting from hours to weeks, before returning to orbit to progress their character and tech for the next drop.

Icarus Beta Weekend #2 - Storms w/ Developers