The Flock Has Sold 3000 Copies, Didn’t Make Enough Money, Will Get New Content This Halloween

The Flock was an interesting game that was plagued by some really awkward and silly issues. While the game was fun, it got repetitive fast and its content did not justify its price tag. Thankfully, Creative Director and Game Designer Jeroen Van Hasselt realized that and shared his opinion about the game’s launch, and what his team will do in order to spark further interest.

As Jeroen Van Hasselt claimed, The Flock has so far sold only 3000 copies, and did not make enough money. Not only that, but the game has a 33 Metacritic score, and has mixed reviews on Steam.

As a result of the game’s underwhelmed launch, its playerbase is dead (as there are 5-10 people per day playing the game).

To his credit,¬†Jeroen acknowledged all of the game’s issues. He also acknowledged that a lot of players got disappointed with the lack of content and the bugs that were not fixed.

Vogelsap will now try to turn the tide with a Halloween update. Vogelsap will drop the game’s price, is going to patch the game’s bugs, will add several new game modes and a new map, will issue a “Thank You” package to all existing owners and will try to sustain its playerbase via smaller updates.

In order to attract more players, Vogelsap will either make a free demo or add it to Humble Budle (or offer a free weekend).

Whether Vogelsap will be able to improve The Flock and turn the tides remains to be seen!

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