Fallout 3 remake in Fallout 4 Engine screenshot

The Fallout 3 remake mod for Fallout 4, Capital Wasteland, is back from the dead

Back in February 2018, we informed you about a Fallout 3 total conversion mod in Fallout 4 that was under development, called Capital Wasteland. However, in March 2018 the team announced that it would be cancelling this fan remake. And yesterday, the team revealed that this remake is back from the dead.

The team decided to cancel the project in March 2018 because it wanted to use the audio voices from Fallout 3, something that would raise some serious red flags. The solution to this was to record all voice clips from the start or (use text), something that the team back then wasn’t willing to.

Thankfully, Road To Liberty, and with the help of its voice acting lead Unoctium, is working towards re-voicing the lines from Fallout 3. It is said that there are approximately 45,000 voice lines in Fallout 3 and the team is currently looking for people to join them.

Now while the team is once again working on this fan remake, I don’t know whether it will be able to complete it. Alongside the voice actors, the team is also looking for Level Designers, 3D Artists, 2D Artists, Animators, Environment Artists and VFX Artists. So yeah, while my “enthusiast side” wants to believe that this mod will see the light of day, my “realistic side” tells me that the mod will eventually get cancelled (again) unless this news goes viral so that the team can increase its manpower.

Here is hoping that Capital Wasteland will get released some day!