Fallout 4 New Vegas feature

Fallout 3 remake in Fallout 4 has been cancelled, Fallout 4 New Vegas mod still in development

Remember the Fallout 3 fan remake in Fallout 4, Capital Wasteland? Well, even though this remake looked amazing and had a lot of potential, its development team decided to cease its development. The main reason behind this cancellation was the legal issues that could surfaced by using the voice-acting from Fallout 3.


Another great project that could be affected by such a thing was the Fallout 4 New Vegas mod. However, it appears that its team will invest in new voice acting in order to overcome these legal issues. As the team stated.

“Unlike other teams such as the Level Design or Asset Creation teams, our Voice Acting team will be operating autonomously, working with voice actors on roles suited to their unique voice. As a result, their work will not be bound to the same milestone structure as the rest of the team. This means that often the VA team will be working on content totally different from that which the rest of the team is focusing their efforts on, but we’ve modified our release roadmap planning system to compensate for that.

Due to the way that the Voice Acting Team will be operating separately from the core project team, this means that their work will be included as it is ready. While this will mean that certain parts of the game will be fully voiced far ahead of schedule, other areas may end up lagging behind. As a result, F4NV releases may end up going out without voiceover recorded for certain characters, depending on where our VA Team stands at any given point in time. While disappointing, we feel that this approach best allows us to keep the project on-track, while also allowing us to maintain a high standard of quality within the project.”

So yeah, while Capital Wasteland is officially no longer under development, Fallout 4 New Vegas is still being made and may see the light of day (unless something else happens that forces its team to halt its development).