The Division’s Game Director Reassures Fans That The End Product Will Look As Good As Its E3 2013 Build

A couple of days ago, we informed you about a rumor regarding the visual fidelity of Massive Entertainment’s upcoming title, The Division. Well, time for some good news as during this year’s E3, the game’s director Ryan Barnard claimed that the end product will look just as good as the E3 2013 build that was showcased.

When asked by AngryJoe about the visual fidelity of the actual game compared to the E3 2013 demo, Ryan Barnard had this to say:

“We get that a lot. I think the problem with having an engine like Snowdrop where the graphical fidelity is so high, that of course you’re going to have those concerns. You know, we’re working really hard, especially this year, what we brought is the look that you’ll have on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. PC might even be able to push it.”

Let’s also not forget that Ubisoft has extended its partnership with Nvidia, meaning that we may see some exclusive Nvidia graphical features to The Division. Will this be enough to make it look as good or even better than its E3 2013 demo? Or will this be another Watch_Dogs? We’ll soon find out!

The Division - Angry Interview E3 2014