The Crew – Biggest Development Difficulties, Won’t Feature Dynamic Weather, DLC Strategy Detailed

During a recent Q&A interview, The Crew’s Creative Director, Julian Gerighty, answered a number of questions from Ubisoft’s fans. According to Julian, The Crew is powered by Babel engine; a new engine that’s a proprietary by Ivory Tower. Moreover, The Crew won’t feature a dynamic weather system. Instead of featuring a full dynamic weather system, The Crew features certain weather conditions on certain areas.

But what about the inevitable DLC plans that Ubisoft has in store for this new MMO title? Well according to Julian, the team aims to deliver free content with missions and races, however they won’t be adding new geometry.

“I don’t think this is necessary. It’s more of… the idea of how can we get  even more out of the incredible playground that we have at the USA.”

The Crew will feature story and is described as the structure of the game, and is something that Julian considers necessary.

Moreover – and according to Julian – the biggest difficulties of creating The Crew were two. One was recreating the game’s world and the second was the only features and implementing them in a very discreet way.