Test Drive Unlimited 2 gets a must-have Multiplayer Mod

A team of modders is currently resurrecting the online mode of Test Drive Unlimited 2. After Atari shut down the TDU2 servers, the TDU World team decided to revamp its online services via a Multiplayer Mod.

TDU World is an Online Server and Mod Pack Project for Test Drive Unlimited 2 that is currently available for download. This Multiplayer Mod aims to bring the game back to life, by completely revamping it.

The team’s main goal is to bring back the Multiplayer in all of its glory, then to further expand the game with a revolutionary Mod Pack. This pack promises to bring the game up to the standards it was originally destined to be.

Now I don’t know if any of you is still playing Test Drive Unlimited 2. Still, this is a must-have mod for anyone that wants to replay this game.

You can download TDU World from here.

Have fun!