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Team Ninja is most likely working on an action-focused Final Fantasy spin-off

According to some fresh leaks, Square Enix and Team Ninja are working together on an action-packed Final Fantasy spin-off. According to the rumors, this will be a Nioh-like game, will be called Final Fantasy Origin, and will be officially revealed next month.

Final Fantasy Origin will be timed-exclusive on PS5, and will release on the PC at a later date. Now while this will be a Nioh-like game, it will come with a more accessible focus to appeal to a wider audience.

The team behind Final Fantasy Origin has a lot of devs that have worked on Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Additionally, Team Ninja plans to launch a public alpha testing later this Summer (most likely only on PS5).

As said, we expect Square Enix to reveal this game next month at E3 2021, so stay tuned for more!

Thanks Eurogamer