Super Meat Boy comes to iOS with Super Meat Boy: The Game

As we told you yesterday, Team Meat were planning to announce a new Super Meat Boy. Well, the news came earlier than we have expected as the team announced that they’ll be porting their game to the iOS devices. Team Meat have been playing with the idea of porting SMB on the iphone for some time but could not get it working. Therefore, they decided to remake the game from the ground up, thus giving birth to Super Meat Boy: The Game.
Super Meat Boy: The Game is a feature length touch controlled platformer that is specifically designed for Touch devices. This is not a simple port of an old game. Super Meat Boy: The Game will feature new features, new art and new sound. In other words, this is not the Super Meat Boy you used to know so you better keep an eye on it.
Here is also its first screenshot. Enjoy!