Success – Crysis 3 will feature unlimited running that will not eat up your suit’s energy

At long last everyone, Crytek has finally realized how stupid it was to automatically activate nanosuit’s speed mode while running. Yes, some people tried to defend Crytek’s decision, claiming that it was due to Alkatraz being hurt and that he could not run without the nanosuit’s ability. Of course, that was a bunch of crap. Truth is that it was an awful decision, a decision that had a major gameplay impact and made a lot of players vulnerable to campers (in Crysis 2’s MP mode). Well, time to forget this dreadful feature as Crysis 3 will sport unlimited running that won’t eat up your suit’s energy.
In an interview with ClickOnline, Crytek’s Adam Duckett revealed that Crytek realized – in Crysis 2 – that a lot of players were at a disadvantage when they were sprinting (compared to those who were constantly hiding at various places), thus they decided to decouple sprinting and suit energy in Crysis 3.
“So one thing we noticed with Crysis 2 was anyone who sprinted to a firefight would die, because they were essentially eating into their armour so we’ve decoupled that to prevent that and create a cleaner, crisper and more user friendly experience.”
Damn straight right Adam. That’s what we were saying this whole time. At last Crytek has listened to us and will correct things in Crysis 3. And as you may have guessed, the ability to run – without wasting your suit’s energy – opens up new possibilities, especially when it comes to the game’s environments.
Adam added:
“Because we made the decision early on to decouple sprinting and suit energy, it allows us to create bigger running environments. So it was no longer a case of, you know, all jumps must be able to be made by sprint power jump and also normal jumps. You could actually just make these vast expansive environments where free running became a big part of it. You’ve got your vault mechanic as well. It’s not just the ledge grab from Crysis 2, which allowed you to get higher up; this also just allows you to interact with the environment. It doesn’t mean we have linear rooms anymore. It means that if you think you can get over there, you probably can. It allows us to create more versatile environments.”
Needless to say that these statements from Adam prove how dumbed down Crysis 2 actually was. Thankfully though, it seems that Crytek has learned from its earlier mistakes. With the addition of the Hunter mode, Crysis 3 looks really interesting and it might offer a really addictive MP experience. Well, that is if if Crytek decides to properly support it and if they find a way to block hackers as things got out of hand with Crysis 2.
Crysis 3 is currently planned for a February 2013 release and promises to push the graphical boundaries in the PC with some exclusive graphical features!