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Steam will get a re-designed library and new Events page, first details

At GDC 2019, Valve announced that Steam’s library will get re-designed. Moreover, Valve aims to add advanced tag searches, as well as a new Steam Events page.

Some of the key features for the re-designed library are listed below.

  • The friends list is now integrated into a right-hand columnĀ 
  • The top module shows recent games you’ve been playing with a library view reminiscent of Plex or the Apple TV
  • The rest of your collection is shown with nice vertical thumbnails that can be scaled to show larger icons or more games
  • The left-hand games list has a new look but is fairly similar to the existing design

Valve’s Alden Kroll said:

“The biggest thing we’re introducing is the Steam library homepage. This provides an opportunity for players to see ‘what else is happening in the games that I play?'”

On the other hand, Steam’s Events page will round up what’s happening in the games you follow and have in your library, organizing occasions like game updates, streams, tournaments, and so on.

Kroll added:

“We think of this as the way developers will be able to communicate with players through Steam. We want to build the foundation for a communication platform where all the interesting things that are happening in games can find their way to the customers. And the customers that are interested in finding out ‘what’s happening in games in my library, what kind of events are happening, what’s been updated recently, what are my friends doing,’ making all that much easier for players to be able to find.”

Thanks PCGamer