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Steam Sets New Record for Concurrent Users – Over 13 Million Steam Users Online Simultaneously

And it was to be expected. Valve launched its Steam Halloween Sale and today Steam set a new record for concurrent users. As we can see, a couple of hours ago there were 13,480,916 Steam users online, thus showing how successful Valve’s distribution service actually is. Yeap, that’s over 13 million Steam users online simultaneously.

According to Steam’s graphs, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was the most played game today as it peaked at 790,795 gamers. DOTA 2 comes second, in the third place we find Team Fortress 2 and in the fourth place we find Grand Theft Auto V. ARK: Survival Evolved is in the fifth place, followed by The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Sid Meier’s Civilization V, Garry’s Mod, Football Manager 2015, and Skyrim.