STARWHAL: Just the Tip Is Coming To Steam In Early 2014, Will Come To Consoles At A Later Date

Starwhal Just The Tip

Breakfall’s Angele Desjardins has informed us about the release date of STARWHAL: Just the Tip for the PC. According to the team, this multiplayer “couch gaming experience” with intergalactic narwhals dueling in space title will hit our platform in early 2014 via Valve’s distribution service, Steam. The team has launched a Kickstarter campaign for it and aims to also bring it to WiiU, PS4 (and there is a possibility for an Xbox One and an OUYA version at a later date).

STARWHAL: Just The Tip is described as the number one local multiplayer couch gaming experience featuring marine mammals in outer space. The team aims to raise $15K in the next 28 days, and there is a demo for you to try.

With its Kickstarter campaign, Breakfall aims to:

Finish arenas and visual themes – so you can battle across the coolest locations from time and space.
Add Singleplayer Challenge Modes – so you can enjoy STARWHAL with friends or in the most focused, intense, self-developing alone-time conceivable.
Add computer controlled opponents – computers make the best punching bags.
Include more play modes – example: Team Mode. Because STARWHALs are very social creatures.
Diversify costumes and colors – so you can dress to impress!
Implement taunt functionality – you haven’t lived until you’ve heard the beautiful song of the STARWHAL calling to an opponent. Let’s add a button for that.
Add stuff we haven’t even thought of yet… but which will make the game 10,000% better. When we’re not playing STARWHAL: Just The Tip, we’re looking for ways to improve it!