Star Wars Squadrons screenshots 1

Star Wars Squadrons Mandalorian Update fixes the high refresh rate/framerate issue

Earlier this month, we informed you about a bug that prevented Star Wars Squadrons from running with high framerates on high refresh rate monitors. And today, we are happy to report that the Mandalorian Update has finally resolved this issue.

What this basically means is that you no longer have to lock your refresh rate (and framerate) to 60fps in order to avoid the awful 30fps animations. PC gamers can finally enjoy a smooth gaming experience with unlocked framerates at higher refresh rates.

Unfortunately, EA has not released the patch notes for the Mandalorian Update. As such, we don’t know what other bugs this update addresses. Still, we are certain that a lot of PC gamers will be happy with this fix.

As always, Origin and Steam will download the Mandalorian Update for Star Wars Squadrons the next time you launch their clients.

Have fun!