Star Wars Project Maverick temp screenshot header

Star Wars Project Maverick will not be a VR game, will have multiplayer

Yesterday. we informed you about a new Star Wars game, Star Wars Project Maverick. And thankfully today, we have some more information to share about it.

According to reports, Star Wars Project Maverick will not  be a VR game. As such, don’t expect a game similar to Half-Life: Alyx, or it to require a VR headset.

Moreover, this new Star Wars game will have a multiplayer mode. Again, we don’t know yet whether its development team will focus solely on it, or whether there will also be a single-player mode.

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has also confirmed that Project Maverick is the smaller unusual Star Wars project that he referenced in his previous article. So yeah, this is indeed a game and not a DLC for Jedi Fallen Order.

We’ll be sure to share more details about Star Wars Project Maverick in the following weeks or months. Therefore, stay tuned for more!

Thanks Gematsu