Star Wars: Battlefront II – Battlefront 2013 Mod – Debut Gameplay Footage

CreatorOfThings has released the first gameplay video of the Battlefront 2013 mod for Star Wars: Battlefront II. This mod aims to improve the visual and rendering capabilities of Pandemic Studios’ Zero Engine by adding modern-day features such as Color Correction, Motion Blur, Depth of Field, and Bloom. In all truthfulness, this looks like using the SweetFX Shader Suite. In fact, this is an injector tool as – according to the mod’s description –  it ‘injects code into the game during run-time that adds modern graphical enhancements and effects‘. We’ll give the modder the benefit of doubt, however we’re pretty sure that you can get these features by using the SweetFX Shader Suite. But anyway, below you will find a debut gameplay video from this mod. Enjoy!
Battlefront 2013 Alpha 0.1 Gameplay