Assassin’s Creed comes to GTA IV with this amazing map

Our reader Jonathan Gustafsson has informed us about a mod that promises to bring Assassin’s Creed into GTA IV’s game engine. Created by “ShakingASS” and “terreur69”, this mod is still in early stages and as we can see below, there are no special moves for Altair, no crowd, no abilities to climb on walls, etc. Obviously we’re asking for too much as this will most probably be an Assassin’s Creed map and nothing more. But still, imagine if these two guys could implement such features. All in all, this mod – on its final stage – will give us a glimpe of what an Assassin’s Creed game could look like on the RAGE engine. Enjoy some early footage from it, captured by Jonathan himself!
GTA IV - Middle Ages - Assassin's Creed converted to RAGE (MOD) HD