Star Ocean The Divine Force feature 3

Star Ocean The Divine Force announced, to be released in 2022

Square Enix announced today that Star Ocean The Divine Force, an all-new entry in the beloved action-RPG series, is coming to PC in 2022. In order to celebrate this announcement, the publisher has also released a trailer that you can find below.

Developed by tri-Ace, Star Ocean The Divine Force will transport players to an expansive sci-fi fantasy world and take them on an exhilarating journey with fast-paced action combat, rich exploration and an original story. This new Star Ocean game will build on its rich history with new features that are “sure to delight for many years to come.”

The Debut Trailer showcases various new and returning elements to the STAR OCEAN franchise that players can look forward to. These features are:

  • Super-high-speed action battles
  • No random encounters – players will seamlessly enter battles with enemies that populate the world
  • Players can float in the air, dive at enemies and fly around areas
  • Richer exploration – climb towering mountains, venture into dark, vast valleys and investigate the castles and towns present in the world