Resident Evil 2 Remake new feature 2

Fan is working on a VR Mod for all RE Engine-powered games (Resident Evil 7, RE2 Remake, RE3 Remake & Monster Hunter Rise)

A lot of PC VR fans were disappointed when Capcom released Resident Evil 7 VR exclusive on PSVR. However, it appears that a modder is working on a VR project that will support all the PC games using the RE Engine.

Created by praydog, this VR project/mod aims to add support for VR on the PC versions of pretty much all RE Engine-powered games. This includes Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 3 Remake and Monster Hunter Rise.

Although there isn’t currently any ETA on when this VR project will come out, you can find below some videos. From what we can see, this VR Mod appears to be working great. I’m pretty sure that there will be some bugs and glitches. However, and even in its current unreleased state, it looks pretty polished.

Since this is a VR Mod, I’m pretty sure that the modder won’t receive any C&D letter from Capcom. Or at least that’s my assumption.

Anyway, this looks really cool. Once it comes out, it will allow you to experience these Resident Evil games in a completely different way. And, from what I can see, this will be a must-have for all VR fans out there.


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