Star Citizen’s Faceware tech will let players stream facial movements onto their character’s face

Cloud Imperium has announced that it has partnered with Faceware Technologies to offer players the ability to track their facial movement and stream it onto their character’s face. In order to showcase Faceware, Cloud Imperium released a new trailer dedicated to it that can be viewed below.

In addition, Cloud Imperium held its fifth-annual Gamescom presentation that was hosted by Chris Roberts. Naturally, the team released a video from that presentation in which Chris Roberts showcased the latest version of the game.

Now while it may take a while until we get our hands on Star Citizen (and we are almost certain that it will get delayed multiple times), we can safely say that it’s not a vaporware game as some people claim. Cloud Imperium is shooting for the stars and whether it will be able to deliver on all of its promises remains to be seen. Still, we don’t expect this to be another “No Man’s Sky” game.

Enjoy the videos!

Star Citizen: Faceware Announcement

Star Citizen: Gamescom Presentation 2017