Star Citizen Alpha 3.3-2

Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 is now available to all backers, comes with major performance improvements

Cloud Imperium has announced that Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 is now available to all backers. Alpha 3.3 features Object Container Streaming; a processing tool that controls how much of the game’s massive universe must be loaded by player’s CPU.

As we’ve already reported, Object Container Streaming is an important behind-the-scenes technical milestone that enables the rapid creation of future content and locations, including the Planet Hurston and its main city, Lorville. Object Container Streaming also powers huge performance gains, with testers seeing an average 100% gain in frames per second.

Moreover, Alpha 3.3 adds FPS combat AI, motion warping to allow sliding during vaulting depending on the object/destination and the Kastak Arms Karna assault rifle. This new alpha version also polishes and smooths one handed and two handed place/pickup animations.

This new alpha version will be auto-downloaded from the game’s launched, and you can find its full release notes here.