NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti can run Hitman 2 with 60fps on Ultra settings in native 4K

Hitman 2 is now playable for everyone owning the Gold Edition and since Warner Bros has provided us with a review code, we’ve decided to test the game with our NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti graphics card.

As always, this isn’t meant to be a PC Performance Analysis article. It’s just our initial tests on the most powerful graphics card that is currently available to the market, accompanied by some 4K screenshots on Ultra settings.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti can run this latest triple-A game with 60fps on Ultra settings in native 4K. However, we’re not talking about constant 60fps as we did notice some scenes during which our framerate dropped to mid 50s. These scenes can easily be found in the first mission when there are a lot of reflective mirrors on screen. Still, and for the most part, the game runs with 60fps (and even sometimes hits 100fps) on this particular GPU.

Now what you may notice here (from the MSI Afterburner we’ve included) is that the game is running in DX11. Surprisingly enough, Hitman 2 does not support DX12. Moreover, the amount of the available graphics settings is really low and there is no built-in benchmark tool. Now I don’t want to sound like a PC-elitist, but this raises a yellow flag for the quality of the PC version, especially since the first game featured them. Let’s not forget that the first Hitman was built as a PC-only title whereas this is a multi-platform release, so it appears that the team did not spend enough time on the PC version.

We’ll talk more about the quality of the PC version – as some CPU issues that are caused by the DX11 API when there is a huge crowd – in our PC Performance Analysis article that will go live tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the following screenshots!