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Spec Ops: The Line Had Been In Development Hell For Five Whole Years, Was A Financial Flop

In an interview with the German website Gamestar, Yager Entertainment revealed some interesting details about its cover shooter, Spec Ops: The Line. According to the team, the game has been in development hell for over five years and despite its efforts, it was a financial failure.

The title, which inspired people to write whole books on their confrontation with Captain Walker and his descent into madness, could not justify its development.” wrote Gamestar.

As the developers told Gamestar, it took them over five hellish years to complete its story, presentation and game mechanics. The team then somehow convinced 2K Games to publish this shooter. However, and as 2K Games noted in its Q1 2013 report, the game’s sales were below expectations.

Which pretty much explains why the team won’t be making any sequel to it (or any other military shooter).

Truth be told, though, that while Spec Ops: The Line featured an amazing storyline, it packed underwhelming gameplay elements. Spec Ops: The Line was basically a bad clone of Gears of War. It played like GoW and it never felt as sattisfying as Epic’s shooter.

Not only that, but Yager failed to deliver one of its biggest promised features – the ability to manipulate sand. While Yager promised that players would be able to use sand to kill their enemies throughout the game, Spec Ops: The Line only packed specific scripted events in which players could take advantage of the desert sand.

All in all, Spec Ops: The Line suffered mostly from really casual gameplay mechanics. While its storyline and tone were mature enough, its gameplay was far from it. And that’s what caused those low sales.

Yager is currently working on Dreadnought and Dead Island 2!