ARX Fatalis feature

Someone is working on ARX Fatalis Remaster in Unreal Engine 4 with DirectX 12 & Ray Tracing support

BlackcatGameStudio, a one-man studio, is working on a fan remaster of ARX Fatalist in Unreal Engine 4. This fan remake will support both DirectX 12 and real-time ray tracing, and the modder has released two videos showing the visuals of the current/latest version.

In case you weren’t aware of, Arx Fatalis is a role-playing game that came out on November 12th 2002 and was developed by Arkane Studios (the studio responsible for Dishonored). The game uses a first-person perspective and – according to Wikipedia – is set on a world whose sun has failed, forcing the above-ground creatures to take refuge in subterranean caverns. The game takes place in one of these large caves, where inhabitants from all races such as Trolls, Goblins, Dwarves, Humans, etc. have made their homes on various levels of the cave.

In its current WIP version, the modder has ported numerous levels, has made the dialogue for the Level 11 (Human Kingdom village), allows players to talk with the NPC and lets them fight the guards.

As you may have guessed, this is nowhere close to being complete so we seriously hope that the modder will keep working on it until a demo is available for release/download. There isn’t currently any timeframe on when a demo (or even the final version) will be out, however we’ll be sure to keep our eye on it.

Until we have more news about this fan remake of ARX Fatalis, you can enjoy the following videos!

Arx Fatalis Remastered Unreal Engine 4 [27/05/2019] Update

Arx Fatalis Remastered Unreal Engine 4 [27/05/2019] Update 2