SNK’s fighting game, The Last Blade 2, is now available on the PC with online support

SNK has released its fighting game, The Last Blade 2, on Steam. Contrary with other SNK releases, this is a port of the arcade game and not an emulated version. Our guess is that the PC version is based on the PS4 version that was released in 2014. Not only that, but the Steam version supports online and local play.

The game features  12 combatants (including boss character “Kagami” from the series’ predecessor), 4 new characters and 2 hidden ones. As such, there is a total of 18 characters to choose from.

In The Last Blade 2, players can select their favorite sword attack type among the “POWER”, “SPEED”, and “EXTREME” modes. Players can use the ”REPEL” mechanic to counter their opponent’s attacks, and activate the “SUPER SECRET SLASH”, “HIDDEN SECRET SLASH” and “ENIGMA FRENZY-ATTACK” ultimate techniques in order to change the outcome of the battle.

The Last Blade 2 PC comes with a 20% discount until November 24th.


STEAM “THE LAST BLADE 2” - Gameplay Video