Sniper Elite Series Has Surpassed 10 Million Sold Copies

Rebellion announced today that its award-winning SNIPER ELITE series has surpassed 10 million units sold worldwide. In order to celebrate this announcement, Rebellion has released a ‘Thank You’ video that can be viewed below.

As the press release reads, since debuting in 2005, SNIPER ELITE has become renowned for its breathtaking tactical shooting and authentic, intense World War 2 gameplay, providing millions of fans with an unrivalled blend of stealth and sniping action.

Rebellion CEO and Co-founder Jason Kingsley said:

“Whether you’ve bought one or whether you’ve bought all of our SNIPER ELITE products, thank you very much for supporting indie development in the UK. It’s been a pleasure to deliver great games for you and hopefully we’ll go on to do more in the future.”

Sniper Elite hits 10 YEARS + 10 MILLION sales - Jason thanks the fans