Sniper Elite 4 – Patch 1.1.2 is now available – Adds new launcher options, fixes various crashes

Rebellion has released the first patch for the PC version of Sniper Elite 4. According to the release notes, this patch adds two new launcher options, fixes various crashes in both the SP and MP modes, and fixes some disconnections in the MP mode.

The two new options that are being added to the game’s launcher are: Full-screen borderless window and “Binaural Simulation” audio settings.

It’s worth noting that the latter addition is set to off by default, and will fix occasional stuttering on a limited number of processors.

This patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can read its complete changelog below.

New options:

  • A full-screen borderless window option is now supported from the launcher. This is an alpha release and we welcome any feedback in the forums. Thank you to everyone who requested this!
  • “Binaural Simulation” audio settings are now available on the launcher and defaults to “off” rather than being enabled as part of the “Headphones” audio option. This will fix occasional stuttering on a limited number of processors. 


  • Fixes to the multiplayer browser – the filter tick-boxes should now be fully functional and the list of games should be sorted in a more sensible order.
  • Dedicated servers should no longer report one of the players as the host.
  • Fixes for various crashes and disconnections.
  • Various localisation fixes.


  • Various localisation fixes.
  • Fixes for various crashes.