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SmoothCam mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

SmoothCam is a new camera mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition by mod creator, mwilsnd. This mod is a highly configurable third-person camera, which provides smooth frame-interpolation, along with a raycacting crosshair for easier aiming.

SmoothCam features over a hundred different user configurable options and a preset system, which allows you to easily swap between different camera setups.

There are six different forms of interpolation, and you can mix and match them to your liking. These are: Global, Local, Offset, Zoom, Separate Z, and FOV.

Global interpolation makes the camera lazily follow the player as you move. Local controls how the camera moves relative to the player. Offset is for smoothing changes in camera offset positions. Zoom is best used to smooth out camera zooming. Separate Z controls Z axis, separate from normal global interpolation, and lets you choose a more responsive set of parameters. It also packs FOV interpolation to smooth out changes in field of view settings.

There are two version of the mod, depending on your processor. If you have an old CPU you might need to install the OldCPU version of the mod. There are no other differences between those two versions.

Keep in mind the mod is currently in beta, so you might experience some issues. Though the creator has already fixed several of the reported issues.

SmoothCam will most probably be incompatible with any other camera mods. However, the creator has included a few compatibility patches for a couple of other camera mods.

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You can download the mod from here, and don’t forget to read the installation guide for the mod. Also, in case you like it, make sure to endorse the mod as it will really help its creator!

Skyrim SE SmoothCam by mwilsnd - In Action

SmoothCam Archery Preview

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