Skyrim fans, rejoice: Unofficial Skyrim Patch 1.0 Is Now Available

Remember a massive unofficial patch that was being developed by Skyrim’s community? Well Skyrim fans, get ready because it’s finally here with us. The 1.0 version of the Unofficial Skyrim patch is now available and comes with one hell of fixes. Seriously now, the changelog is huge and fixes lots of issues that would definitely won’t be fixed anytime soon by Bethesda. Make no mistake, this is a must-have Patch and we highly recommend it. You can find the download link – as well as the entire changelog – after the jump. Enjoy!
Those interested can download it from here.
And here is its changelog:
Game Mechanics Fixes
•NPCs will no longer drop weapons or shields as separate objects, as these are never cleaned up which greatly adds to save bloating and litters the gameworld (the items will still appear to be dropped, but will access the corpse’s inventory to be taken and be cleaned up with the corpse if left)
•Ash Piles, Ghostly Remains, Ice Piles and Wisp Cores will no longer permanently remain and bloat the save file (they will either disappear on exit of the cell or when the cell resets)
•Nirnroot glow objects will no longer stack, bloat the save and become blindingly bright; existing stacked glows will be removed
•The Absorb Spells effect of the Atronach sign, Atronach perk (Alteration tree) and Breton Dragonskin ability will no longer cause the player’s own conjuration spells to fail
•Casting a Flame, Frost or Shock Cloak spell will no longer cause most conjured allies to disappear for no apparent reason
•Flame, Frost and Shock Cloaks and Runes will now be properly augmented by their relevant Augmented perks in the Destruction tree
•Being too overencumbered to run or fast-travel (except mounted) will no longer stop carriages from working
•The wind sound of the Elemental Fury shout will no longer persist indefinitely
•The third rank of the Limbsplitter (Two-Handed) perk will no longer stack with the second rank, which was not being removed as it had a bad check for an unrelated perk
•The Purity (Alchemy) perk now has the correct pre-requisite of Snakeblood, instead of Experimenter
•The Matching Set perks (both Light and Heavy variants) will now apply properly to Ebony and Imperial Light armors which had been overlooked, and provide the indicated 25% bonus if wearing a complete set of matched armor (it was providing 20%)
•Argonian players (who have permanent Water Breathing) will no longer gasp for air when surfacing
•Female vampire Imperial, Nord, Orc, Redguard players/NPCs, and “Elder” NPCs (yes, old people have their own race) will now have the correct vampiric eyes rather than normal eyes
•Fixed the missing Well Rested message and duplicated Well Rested and Rested bonuses appearing when the player slept in their home
•The player will now receive the Well Rested bonus from sleeping in the Winterhold College Arch Mage’s quarters if they are the Arch Mage
•The Windhelm Barracks now has the correct music type (castle rather than dungeon) and followers won’t react as though in a dungeon or cave
•Fixed the lever (7CFE7) in BlackreachArena (3,0) so that it will turn off the Dwemer spinning blade trap on the arena platform, as well as turning it on again (was also slightly seethrough-underside but this wasn’t noticeable)
•The two outermost weapon racks of the row of five in the Proudspire (Solitude) basement (E26AF/B0) will no longer eat the player’s weapons by taking them and then not being activatable to give them back again
•The following containers in player homes will no longer respawn and eat whatever items the player stored in them:
– The Apothecary’s Satchel (109E0D) on the alchemy lab station and the Barrel on two others under the stairs (3EE76) in Whiterun’s Breezehome
– Three Barrels (8DEEA-C) in Riften’s Honeyside
– Four Barrels (77CB3, DC67E and E3C8B), two Sacks (DC6B2 and E2E99) and the Apothecary’s Satchel (E2E30) in Markarth’s Vlindrel Hall
– A Barrel (DF4A7) and two Sacks (DF4C4/66E) in Windhelm’s Hjerim
– Nine Barrels (D8B2A, E272C/D/E/F/4C/D/300E) and a Large Sack (E2731) in Solitude’s Proudspire Manor
(because these containers change, if you have anything stored in them you don’t want to lose, save it elsewhere before installing the USKP)
Quest Fixes
•Riftweald Manor, Mercer Frey’s house in Riften, will no longer be accessible before the Thieves Guild quest The Pursuit without console commands, as accessing it earlier and picking up his plans would cause the Hard Answers quest to not start and break the questline (removed a barrel 3FFE6 from RiftenWorld RiftenCityEast 43,-24 that allowed early access)
•The Thieves Guild quest “The Litany of Larceny” will no longer terminate immediately when the last item is obtained, rather then when it’s returned to Delvin Mallory, which left the quest unfinishable
•The Thieves Guild ongoing job quest “The Numbers Job” will now correctly target the ledger in Haelga’s Bunkhouse (Riften) rather than a static crate that left the job unfinishable (won’t fix it if occurring currently; just cancel the job with Delvin and it won’t reoccur)
•If the player quits or fails a job in the Thieves Guild ongoing job quest “The Fishing Job” this will no longer remove the target item type from the player even if it wasn’t acquired from the mark yet
•If the player quits or fails a job in the Thieves Guild ongoing job quest “The Burglary Job” without having acquired the target item, it will be removed from the target location, as otherwise it couldn’t be picked up and future Burglary Job items at that location would overlap it
•If the player finds all 24 Unusual Gems before talking to Vex in the quest “No Stone Unturned” this will no longer make the quest unfinishable
•Vekel The Man’s (Riften Thieves Guild) quest to retrieve Arondil’s Journals will now pay the player the intended reward, will properly remove the items at quest end, and if the player finds the journals prior to getting the quest Vekel will have appopriate dialog rather than dialog that only makes sense if he gave the quest first
•Fixed Karliah going to Snow Veil Sanctum instead of returning to live at Nightingale Hall (which then didn’t get restored; her dialog would also indicate she was in Nightingale Hall when she wasn’t) at the conclusion of the Thieves Guild main questline (Darkness Returns)
•Imperial Legates and Stormcloak Commanders in camps throughout Skyrim will no longer remain unnecessarily essential after the Civil War questline is completed
•Urag gro-Shub’s (Winterhold College) book finding quests will no longer break if the player has already found the book before starting the quest
•If the player finds Leifnarr’s corpse in Broken Helm Hollow before receiving the objective to do so from his wife Grosta, the objective to report his death to her will now have a quest target, and the dialog option will be available so that the quest can be completed
•J’zargo’s Experiment will no longer break if more than three undead are destroyed with J’zargo’s Flame Cloak Scrolls (the quest objective was to test them on three, but it’s easy to go over this)
•Find Red Eagle’s Sword will no longer restart if it’s already completed by re-reading the book “The Legend of Red Eagle”
•At the conclusion of Tending the Flames (Solitude Bards College), Viarmo will no longer tap the effigy of King Olaf with a mysterious hammer that appears from nowhere and then be stuck holding a torch permanently afterwards (note that due to bugged idle handling he still may have his hand in the holding position after the festival though), and the effigy’s fire will now have its missing sound effect and flicker
•In Tending the Flames, when Viarmo presents the rewritten Olaf verse to Jarl Elisif, he will now read the correct line if the player chose “Olaf sacked it in dragon form (Persuade)” for verse 4
•Fixed Pantea Ateia’s Tending the Flames festival greeting confusingly linking into her own quest’s dialog
•After the Bards College Rjorn’s Drum quest is complete, Giraud Gemane will no longer have the “I found Rjorn’s Drum” option (he would repeat the same dialog again, although not provide the reward again; this bug was introduced with the 1.4 patch)
•If the three Bards College instruments are found before their related quests (Finn’s Lute, Pantea’s Flute and Rjorn’s Drum) the misc. quest objectives to find them will no longer remain permanently incomplete after the quest ends
•If the player finds the Fine-Cut Void Salts and returns them to Captain Wayfinder before being given the quest to do so, his quest-initiating dialog will no longer take the Void Salts quest item away and put it back where it was originally found
•The player will no longer be able to return further (non-quest-item) Void Salts to Captain Wayfinder after the quest is complete and receive the reward each time
•Esbern’s misc. quest objective “Bring a Dragon Scale and a Dragon Bone to Esbern” will now complete properly when this is done
•The Dawnstar bounty misc. quest objectives “Collect Bounty from Skald” and “Collect Bounty from Brina Merilis” will now complete properly when the reward is collected from the Jarl
•The misc. quest to return Roggvir’s Amulet of Talos to Greta (Solitude) and convince her to return to the Temple will now remove the Amulet and complete properly
•Alessandra will now properly give the reward for the quest to bring her dagger to her father Andurs in Whiterun
•An unfinishable misc. quest “Investigate the Bards College” objective will no longer be added if the player talks to one of several bards throughout Skyrim and has already visited the College and started the Tending the Flames quest
•An unfinishable misc. quest “Speak to Verulus about the Hall of the Dead” objective will no longer be added if the player talks to Kleppr or Frabbi and has already started the quest by talking to Brother Verulus
•An unfinishable misc. quest “Speak to Degaine” objective will no longer be added if the player talks to Kleppr and has already started the quest to steal the statue of Dibella by talking to Degaine
•The unfinishable misc. quest “Speak to Degaine” objective will be also now be removed (failed) if the player starts the Heart of Dibella by talking to Hamal directly
•An unfinishable misc. quest “Visit the Shrine of Azura” objective will no longer be added if the player talks to innkeepers or wandering pilgrim Faldrus and has already started the quest The Black Star by visiting the shrine
•Tolfdir’s (Winterhold College) mini-quest to find his alembic will now have journal objectives
•In “Revealing the Unseen” (Winterhold College) the Mzulft map marker will now be added as was intended but misconfigured
•After the quest “The Blessings of Nature” if the player chooses the sapling option, the dead Gildergreen tree (Whiterun) will be properly removed
•The Attunement Sphere (3532C) and Runed Lexicon (3A3DD) will no longer remain as undroppable quest items when the Discerning the Transmundane quest is completed
•The Strange Amulet (D2328) will no longer remain as an undroppable quest item when the Blood on the Ice quest is completed
•Haelga’s Statue of Dibella (21EA3) will no longer be an undroppable quest item if the player steals it after clearing her debt by other means in the Thieves Guild quest “Taking Care of Business”
•Gallus’s Encoded Journal (CEDA6) will now be removed properly from the player when Enthir takes it at the conclusion of the Thieves Guild quest “Hard Answers,” and no longer remain in inventory as an undroppable quest item
•The spiders in Redbelly Mine will no longer respawn there after the quest to get rid of them has been completed (otherwise they would be found roaming around while the miners were working whereas the quest indicated the mine was closed as soon as they were seen, and the player could kill them and finish the quest again; the mine will also be cleaned of spider detritus which may have been intended as it was already linked to an enable parent that was then never referenced)
NPC/Creature Fixes
•Fixed some encounter dragons not burning up nor giving the player a soul when slain (respawned dragons were not being properly reset)
•The Companions Skjor, Njada and possibly Aela should no longer come back to life if they’re dead or have their corpses be found moving around in the wilderness while lying down as if dead; Skjor was the most notable of these (disabled unneeded random wilderness encounter WERJ11 which was causing this)
•Brynjolf will no longer dismiss the player’s conversation indicating that he’s busy after the Thieves Guild questline
•Lydia (Whiterun housecarl) can now be married by the player if Breezehome has been purchased (as was intended)
•Lydia will no longer use the chairs in the player’s bedroom or get into an AI loop of sitting and standing in the same place repeatedly
•The corpses of Ulfric Stormcloak and Galmar Stone-Fist will no longer persist indefinitely in the Windhelm Palace of the Kings after the Battle for Windhelm is completed (they were neglected to be given coffins in the Hall of the Dead as well which was also rectified)
•When bartering with wilderness Hunters, they will no longer take sold player items (which then disappear from their inventory) without paying for them, and gold paid to them by the player for their items will now properly add to their gold store (they were missing their merchant container; all Hunters will now share a common one for their faction so items sold to one be bought from another)
•Imperial guards in Solitude will now have have the missing arrest dialog option recognizing if the player is Thane of Haafingar
•The Bandit Marauder at Valtheim Towers will no longer remove 200 gold from the player if successfully intimidated
•Legate Taurinus Duilis will no longer be locked out of the Morthal Guardhouse at night due to missing key assignments (both he and the door)
•Bothela (Hag’s Cure, Markarth) will now sleep properly (package wasn’t set up properly) as otherwise she was very difficult to rob when assigned to by the Thieves Guild
•If Cairine (Markarth Warrens) is “killed” she will no longer lie still as if dead yet remain able to blink, engage in dialog and detect the player until “killed” a second time (this strange behaviour may have made her very difficult or impossible to pickpocket for the Thieves Guild quest The Fishing Job)
•Gharol (Burguk’s Longhouse) will now have the option to train Heavy Armor if the player’s skill is 50 to 74 (she’s an Expert, not Common-level trainer)
•Yngvar the Singer (Markarth) will now carry a shield and war axe as some of his dialog mentions them
•Louis Letrush should no longer duplicate at the Whiterun Stables fast-travel marker or attack the player for no apparent reason
•The “dead” skeleton (7502A) on a bier in Tamriel (24,18) will no longer add a copy of the book The Doors of Oblivion to its inventory every time it is activated
NIF Mesh and Texture Fixes
•Closed seethrough gaps of missing polys all around the end of the shaft of the Elven Warhammer (Meshes\Weapons\Elven\ElvenWarhammer.NIF)
•Fixed clipping on the skirt and Pauldrons and fit the belt to its alpha on the female Blade Cuirass (Meshes\Armor\Blades\1stPersonBladesArmorF_0/1.NIFs, BladesArmorF_0/1.NIFs, Textures\Armor\Blades\BladesArmor.DDS)
•Closed a seethrough gap on the male Ebony Cuirass (Meshes\Armor\Ebony\M\Cuirass_0/1.NIFs) around where it meets the wearer’s neck
•Closed a seethrough hole in the armpit and fixed weighting with the pauldrons on the female Ebony Cuirass (Meshes\Armor\Ebony\F\Cuirass_0/1.NIFs)
•Fixed clipping on the band at the back of the cuirass and improved weighting on the female Iron/Banded Iron Cuirasses (Meshes\Armor\Iron\F\CuirassHeavy_0/1.NIFs, CuirassLight_0/1.NIFs)
•Closed a seethrough hole in the armpit and improved weighting on the female Steel Cuirass and Gauntlets (Meshes\Armor\Steel\F\1stPersonGauntlets_0/1.NIFs, Cuirass_0/1.NIFs, CuirassLight_0/1.NIFs, Gauntlets_0/1.NIFs)
•Closed a seethrough hole in the armpit, fixed clipping on the pauldrons and improved weighting on the female Steel Plate Cuirass (Meshes\Armor\NordPlate\NordCuirassF_0/1.NIFs)
•Fixed the common decorative stoneware two-handled pots (Clutter\Ruins\RuinsPot01/02.NIFs) so that every instance of them in the gameworld isn’t tilted and slightly floating
•Hand carts (Meshes\Clutter\Carts\HandCart01Wheel.NIF) now have much more mass/inertia and won’t tumble end-over-end when walked into or fly away when spells are cast on them
•Created USKPSPatioWallColumn.NIF and placed two at the Thalmor Embassy (-20,27) to cover exposed hollow ends in fencework due to missing column pieces on the compound’s exterior wall, and another in Tamriel at the Solitude gates (-18,25) to cover exposed hollow ends on a fence piece
•Closed two seethrough gaps between the base of Belethor’s General Goods and the roadway near Breezehome in Whiterun (Meshes\Architecture\Whiterun\WRTerrain\WRDrunkenHuntsmanBase.NIF) [note that the mesh name doesn’t match the actual object]
•Closed a seethrough gap under the side door of the Drunken Huntsman tavern and a seethrough hole into the void by the base of the side door stairway (Meshes\Architecture\Whiterun\WRTerrain\WRDryGoodsBase.NIF) [note that the mesh name doesn’t match the actual object]
•Closed a seethrough gap above the doorframe visible from the subterranean entrance of the Whiterun Hall Of The Dead (Meshes\Architecture\Whiterun\WRBuildings\WRHallOfTheDead01.NIF)
•Removed a one-sided polygon projecting into the tunnel at the base of the Solitude windmill (Meshes\Architecture\Solitude\SWindmill.NIF)
•Fixed the shaft of the grindstone on blacksmith sharpening wheel stations (Meshes\Furniture\Clutter\BlacksmithSharpeningWheelAnimating.NIF, and statics Meshes\Clutter\Blacksmith\BlacksmithSharpeningWheel01.NIF and BlacksmithSharpeningWheelStatic.NIF) only being on one side of the stone (wouldn’t be possible to use as the torque on the wheel would quickly destroy it)
Item Fixes
•All followers will no longer have invisible Hunting Bows that can’t be removed from them that they would use even in preference to much better bows they were given; they will now be visible and can be removed from the follower normally
•The Sanguine Rose staff’s Dremora summoning will no longer fail if the player has the Conjuration perk “Elemental Potency”
•Esbern’s Potion (E6DF5) will now properly grant the player the permanent Dragon Infusion ability
•The health damage effect of the Silent Moons enchantment of Lunar weapons will now work properly
•Completely filled Petty, Lesser, Common, and Greater Soul Gems will no longer empty when dropped or put in a container (partially filled Lesser, Common, and Greater Soul Gems will still empty and this is by design so that they may be reused if incompletely filled)
•The White Phial (Empty) (2C25A) will no longer endlessly duplicate if activated in player inventory
•Wylandriah’s Soul Gem (4E326) now has no soul capacity, as otherwise it could capture a soul and then be used up at an enchanter (even though it is a quest item) which broke the quest to retrieve it
•Removed the description “Especially effective against undead.” from the Silver Sword (10AA19) and Silver Greatsword (10C6FB) as if one is enchanted the enchantment type, magnitude, duration and charge bar won’t display due to an engine bug (so that the player is still advised of the benefit against the undead, made a new loading screen)
•The Ebony Blade (4838F) and Headsman’s Axe (BE25E), both two-handed weapons, will no longer behave like one-handed weapons in their perk effects and other characteristics
•Ebony Shields (13964) and all 16 variants, and Blades Shields (4F912) will now appear properly on Vampiric players of all races
•Stormcloak Officer Helmets (86985) and Ancient Nord Helmets (1FD77/B/C) will now display properly on armor mannequins
•Banded Iron (13948), Elven Gilded (1392A) and Studded (13B2A) armors will now provide the appropriate Matching Set perks (they are only available in cuirass/greaves and didn’t match up with the boots/helmet/gauntlets of the same material)
•Corrected the Speed of the Ebony Dagger (139AE) from 1 to 1.3 to match all other daggers as it had the speed of a longsword (this also corrected 36 enchanted Ebony Daggers based on it)
•Daedric Bows (139B5) and 27 enchanted varieties based on them now have the correct bash sound effect
•Changed the Elven Boots of Eminent Stamina (10DF88) into boots as they incorrectly appeared as a suit of armor (in the boots leveled list, has boots price and boots internal name so appears was intended to be boots but incorrect template was used)
•The level 32-39 Shield of Solitude (10EB63) now has the correct level enchantment, not the weaker one for the level 25-31 version
•Corrected Fine Armguards (86990) not being categorized as armor
•Gourds and Apple Cabbage Soup are no longer missing their sound effects when eaten
•Corrected both Blade of Woe items (964C9/9CCDC) being improvable at a grindstone without requiring any materials, unlike all other items (both have keywords indicating they should require a Steel Ingot)
•Corrected Dragonplate Boots (13965) and 16 enchanted variants, Gauntlets (13967) and 16 enchanted variants, and Helmet (13969) and 28 enchanted variants requiring Dragon Scales rather than Bone to improve them, though they are crafted of Dragon Bone, have a clearly different appearance than their Scale counterparts and the correct Dragonplate keyword
•The Jagged Crown (DA750) is now properly listed for smithing and other purposes as being Dragonplate rather than Daedric, and the Masque of Clavicus Vile (D2846) as Daedric rather than Ebony
•Fixed the following weapons and armor not being improvable at a workbench or grindstone: Amulet of Articulation (9DFF7/F6904/D/E/F/10/11) [yes, these amulets are actually armor and their internal name indicates that this is intentional], Diadem of the Savant (F9904) [also an armor amulet as previous], Dragon Priest Dagger (1C1FE), Drainblood Battleaxe (F82FA), Drainheart Sword (F71DD), Drainspell Bow (F82FC), Ebony Blade (4838F), Fine Armguards (86990), Gilded Wristguards (E84C1), Headsman’s Axe (BE25E), Honed Falmer Sword (6F6FF), Honed Falmer War Axe (6F700), Jagged Crown (DA750), Keening (6A13C), Masque of Clavicus Vile (D2846), Nord Hero Bow (68C57) [the entry for this was actually present; it was copied from the Nord Hero Battle Axe and then was neglected to be changed], (Notched) Pickaxe (1019D4/E3C16), Scaled Horn Armor (1B3A4), Nightingale Blade (F6527) [this is the highest-level one; the other four could already be improved, and like the Nord Hero Bow this one had an entry but it was set up wrong, so was clearly intended], Shield of Solitude (9E023/10EB62/3/4/5), Shield of Ysgramor (E41D8), Shiv (426C8), Shrouded Cowl Maskless (5ABC4), Silver Sword/Greatsword (10AA19/10C6FB), Skyforge Steel Dagger (9F25D), Studded Imperial Armor (13ED8 – also 6 enchanted variants can now be improved), Supple Ancient Nord Bow (5D179), The Woodsman’s Friend (22265), Tumblerbane Gloves (F5981), Ulfric’s Bracers (6230B), Woodcutter’s Axe (2F2F4) [the almost-identical Poacher’s Axe could be improved], Worn Shrouded Armor/Boots/Cowl/Gloves (10EB5B/C/D/E) and Wuuthrad (956B5) [The justification for calling these omissions bugs are comments made pre-release and a loading screen that indicates that all weapons and armor may improved; to avoid arbitrary decisions of materials, magnitude or feasability I did not add missing crafting options or perk keywords, nor change items that don’t appear in the unmodded gameworld; if you use a crafting mod such as the Lost Art of the Blacksmith or weapon improvement mod such as WAF along with the USKP they will not conflict; ie multiple entries won’t appear in the stations’ menus]
Placement/Layout/Ownership and other World Object Fixes
Tamriel (outdoor) Worldspace
•Moved the Khajiit caravan’s merchant chest (74355) which was underground near the Dawnstar mine (8,25) as it could be activated and looted through the ground
•The front door to Klimmek’s house in Ivarstead (17790) will no longer clip through the fake placeholder door behind it when activated (may only take effect on a new game)
•The alchemy lab/crafting table (E68A7) will no longer completely embed in a Workbench and a chest (E68A8) will no longer embed in another chest when the Imperials are occupying the fort due to missing enable parents, and replaced the erroneous static/unusable grindstone BlacksmithSharpeningWheel01 (B409D) with a usable CraftingBlacksmithSharpeningWheel at Fort Amol (24,-6)
•A wooden barricade (E1FAA) near the Rift Imperial camp now has its missing enable parent so won’t appear before or after the camp does
•For a road signpost that had two Markarth signs at right angles, replaced the erroneous one (EDC2C) with the Solitude sign it should have been (-21,6)
•Grounded a bedroll (9688E) in the Reach Imperial Camp (-40,8) that was hovering over the roof of a tent, above where it had been intended to be placed
•Moved a cliff face (95965) so that there wasn’t a hole between it and another cliff face that the player could fall in, and nothing but console commands or a reload could get them out (-21,16)
•Replaced the erroneous static/unusable grindstone BlacksmithSharpeningWheel01 (798AC) with a usable CraftingBlacksmithSharpeningWheel; also repositioned it as it was floating, and grounded the nearby forge as it was slightly floating on the roof of Fort Sungard (-17,-6)
•Fixed unmineable gold veins (10E570) in (11,28), (10E634) in (30,-26), (10E653) in (25,-19), (10D6F1) in (-9,-2), (10E5FC) in (45,-32) and an unmineable iron vein (10E608) in (34,-28)
•The statue of Azura (33DCB) in ShrineOfAzuraExterior03 (26,19) can now be seen at a distance rather than just disappearing (only 116KB so doesn’t really even need a LOD mesh)
•Slightly moved the longship Northwind (9A38E) at the Windhelm docks (34,8) so that its side isn’t clipping into the pier
•Removed see-through land discontinuity caused by misplaced MountainTrim02ReachGrass01 piece (8DCA4) in (-36,-8)
•Covered see-through land discontinuity under MountainTrim01FallForestDirt01 (B9386) in (28,-23) [scaled/moved rock BA04A to hide it]
•Corrected a see-through underside land piece (7AE01) on the bridge to the East Empire Company warehouse outside Solitude (-17,24)
•Grounded very floating trees 73348 (-27,0), 73349 (-28,0), 6E4D5 (-28,-4), 6E6EF (-32,-4), 7102D (-41,-2), 89E53 (-36,-8), 89DD8 (-32,-7), A3814 (7,18)
•Grounded moderately floating or seethrough underside trees 5093B (-19,-8), 5C0B4 (1,-20), 5B515 (3,-14), 6E5C1 (-25,-6), 6E5C2 (-26,-6), 6BAC6 (-23,-6), 93647 (33,-10), C4C3D/C4C3E/C50A2/C50A3/C50A7 (-8,4), 4EE3F (41,-29), 4EE27 (42,-29), 4EAA3 (-2,19), E7FAE (27,-15), A073F (25,-12), 718C9 (-39,-5), 718F5 (-39,-6), 35DC3 (-39,-6), 7060C (-36,-5), 6E655 (-30,-3), 74728 (-31,3), 74724 (-31,4), 74727 (-31,3), 3ACE5 (21,6), B5987/8 (-32,37), 528F2 (-38,1), 6E6F0/4 (-33,-4), A40AA (-33,-2) [branches], 841A3 (-20,-10), 6AAA6 (-20,-7), 7BC47 (-20,27), 4FD27 (-16,-14), 4F69B (-6,-17), 5E068/77/7A (0,8), BA470 (9,11), A98B9 (12,-7), BDC4A/B5 (14,9), BDBD5 (13,10), 73D52 (20,3), 9713E (28,-23), A6ED3 (33,-20), BD082 (34,-22), E6E8B (35,-12), 51E3A (44,-30), 69997 (-19,22), 68886 (-19,23), 3E425 (42,-5), 669FE (22,-20), B6858 (38,-18), 403C5 (44,-20), B218D/F (38.-29), 727E4 (48,-28), BD0C9 (38,-22), 88EB8 (20,-19), A87B6/7 (20,-22), 5D088 (-11,-17), E6FB9 (35,-16), B8BF3 (40,-16), 7A6D2 (41,-13), 8D677 (-36,24), 8EC5C (24,-17), 801C7 (20,-21), A7F46 (22,-7), 746FF (-29,1), 8EC59 (24,-17), 89EFF (21,-20). 8022B/8983F (20,-20), AF450 (34,-27), 9A188 (26,-22), 78E7B/C/A3 (24,-20), 3B6D9 (22,5), 2AE22 (4,8), B43F1 (34,-14), B44C8 (35,-16), 42139 (38,-17), 89687 (41,-10), 4C1CD (38,-5), 8021D (20,-20), 1C079 (4,-7), 57794 (-13,-14), B9008 (41,-20), 40947 (-16,-20), 9A203 (25,-22), 4B83A (37,-29), B1357 (36,-28), B9125 (43,-16), 403BC/45E (43,-20), 3A782 (-18,-12), 4F73A (-4,-22), B930A (29,-24), D1D6E (31,-26), 97B93 (11,15), 5D894 (11,15), BAD73/C569 (30,-26), B937C (29,-24), B60D3 (38,-21), AEF1E (44,-24), B8C19 (41,-16)
•Repositioned trees impossibly embedded in boulders 89E4B (-35,-8), 6E6D0 (-33,-4). E7002 (32,-13), 6703B (-20,22)
•Raised tree 52ADD which was too far down in the ground (-39,3)
•Grounded very floating shrubs C2F5B (-18,11), A0674 (35,-4), E10A7/8/9/A (-17,-1) [were stuck in tree branches], CE545/3E/F (-14,2), 67C4D [Mountain Flower plant also up a tree], 98D14 (-22,13)
•Grounded moderately floating shrubs 4EBB2 (-2,19), 48377/48378 (-3,2), BFCA7 (-26,3), C3444 (-24,25), 4EED1 (42,-31), 98632 (-32,-4), A9A2E (18,-24), 8E2A8/8E2B0 (18,1), C9B38/CE2E7/CE2E8 (17,0), 107858/A (-12,7) [Nightshade plants], D10BD/E (-11,2) [Mountain Flower plants], C09C4/5 (-8,-9), 5A816 (-5,-16) [Nirnroot plant], 48326 (-3,2), AAACD (12,-7), C6EE3/8700/1 (15,21), D3B3C (18,10), 2F319 (31,25), 66A5A (22,-20), A720D (10,23), 66A5C (22,-20), A5378 (30,-18), D51CE (13,1), 227D6 (-7,-21) [Mountain Flower plant], 386A3 (-12,27) [Spiky Grass plant], B7490 (-17,7) [Tundra Cotton plant], 9D3FF (35,-2) [Dragon’s Tongue plant], CA3D4 (42,-25) [Mountain Flower plant], A8574 (32,6), A8564 (32,-7), E1213 (-18,6), CB17A (16,23), E44B5 (-11,-9), E44B3 (-12,-9), BAF9A (33,-26), 3A7A0 (-18,-11), 6E561 (-33,-2), B527A (39,-17) [Mountain Flower plant], D1052 (-5,12), 2C60B (-13,17), 8D838/42 (-42,9), 4862C/E/F (-14,3), 4862D (-15,3), E6BBA (9,-3), 94112 (14,-10), 98788 (-39,-6), B145A/521 (39,-28), E6AF2 (9,0), A857D (32,7), 88AEB (-39,0), B145A/D/F (39,-28), C9C9B/C (0,-2), 538A0 (5,-13), 804DE/F (4,-24), D215E (8,4), 3CE06 (18,16), 386DC (-14,29), C7DD6 (1,9), F0CA7/8 (22,11), A0680 (34,-2), A060D/E/85/6/9 (35,-2), B8F72/3 (40,-19), 986D0 (-30,-4), B3B0B (-14,-13), 9A1D9 (25,-22), BA239 (29,-23), B908F (43,-16), A8086/D (-28,10), C3FBF (32,-10), 1900F [Jazbay plant], 3A7A1 (-18,-11), 8F8E0 (29,-18), C2DC4/5/6 (-10,0), E68F8 (-17,-3), 8335C (26,-21) [Nirnroot plant], 9B720 (23,-23) [Mountain Flower plant], 438DA/C (16,-2), F5C03 (20,22) [Snowberry plant], E7DD9 (38,-10) [Mountain Flower plant], EFB21 (8,15) [Mountain Flower plant], C1C2F [Tundra Cotton plant], C2D56 (-6,0), 83476 (30,-13), A0818 (28,-14), B6AF0 (36,-21), 7D874/5 (-37,12), E919A (-25,24), E9154 (-25,21), E69DE/F/E0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/B/C (-21,9), E3BF4 (-21,6), E69C9 (-21,7)
•Closed seethrough gaps in/under rocks/glaciers 95952/9740D (-23,17), A1066 (-16-7), 4D2A0/4D2A1 (-11,-15), 4836B (-1,2), A1008 (-17,9), 33DBF (13,26), E1F7D (10,-4), AB06C (30,-14), 93649 (33,-10), C11A6 (35,22), 97AC2 (13,16), 1A0FA (27,20), 7C93F (-29,22), 61E96 (-29,21), FF438 (-7,35), B61ED (36,-22), 4EEE2 (44,-29), 5FADF (3,15), 4EED9 (43,-31), 62EBB (26,26), 0B91E8 (44,-21), 5FCC2 (-6,-19) [also needed to lower several icicles attached to it), 9EE2D (24,-12), 7332A (-28,0) [adjusted tree 73389 and shrub 7338B so they were not left floating], 98645 (-32,-4), 9E0F3 (-31,3), 8DC9D (-32,-9), 7CC32 (-37,12), FD605 (16,-23), 718CE (-40,-5), 6E6F5 (-33,-4), 5E39A (-32,-6), A9BE7 (-29,16), 58E78 (-20,-10), C2067 (-20,26), 486EA (-16,7), ACD42 (-12,7), 104184 (-11,6), 48F9B (-11,3) [large enough to walk through and quite wide], 468A0 (-11,2), C5109 (-9,4), 2BAED (-4,-14), 48071 (-1,1) [road piece], 54C30 (0,-14), 1CCE5 (1,-13), 6008C (3,-23) [also repositioned icicles E5B76 and E5B78], 64F21 (9,-22), 9A011 (15,-13), F28E5 (17,18), 95035 (18,-22) [the most open rock I’ve ever seen: a cliff face piece on its side], 8DE6E (23,15) [huge bus-sized hole in this as well], 19EE8 (18,-14), 83466 (29,-13), 8EED3 (30,2), 5B436 (43,-21), A6D96 (48,-23), 68884 (-19,22), 9253E (-17,23), 92540 (-17,23), 54432 (5,-20), 86280 (18,24), 949ED (31,15), ADD14 (30,-26), 13307 (5,-11), BB927 (-27,29) [needed to also lower several trees on it so they would not be left floating], 8CED1 (26,-16), 9C381 (39,17), 95967 (-24,16)57ACA (-31,9), 1A8FC (13,12), 3325F (-15,34), 6E65D (-30,-4), EA814 (23,5), 2D2D9 (-15,25), 77387 (15,-11), 30AAF (-42,-5), 7188B (-42,-6), 99F8D (37,18), 94136 (13,-12), 810C6 (39,-6), A8093 (-28,10), 9D51E (32,-5) [appropriated ore vein 10EF10], 3E58E (29,30), 52B3B/86F5B (-42,4), A6FED (30,-21), 44C92 (12,-8), 10E5B1 (7,-2), 4302E (-15,-2), 6E08A (11,-4), 45A02 (-11,-3)
•Closed a seethrough gap above a fort bailey tower piece 2F145 (8,-23)
•Raised a hanging moss (8FE09) floating well below the tree branch it was supposed to be attached to (-34,7)
•Attached a fern (811F3) which was attached to nothing to a nearby tree (-39,13), a hanging moss (88087) to its tree (-35,2), and an ivy (8860E) to its rock (-37,0)
•Grounded two clams (FE7B5/6) which were not just floating over the solid rock below, but over the water itself, in (39,22), and another (F7AE6) in (21,25) that was floating slightly over land
•Attached a barnacle (CB2AC) to its rock (40,-24)
•Attached a Mora Tapinella (EC883) to its stump (-11,-24)
•Grounded a trapdoor (25207) on the roof of Fort Kastav in FortKastavExterior02 (27,12)
•Grounded the Riften carriage’s horse (9B7BA/1070E2) in RiftenCityNorthGateExterior (42,-23)
•Raised the Solitude carriage’s horse (C41E5/1070E6) so that its hind legs aren’t embedded in the ground
•Grounded a firewood pile (107213), chopping block (107214) and sack (107217) in (20,-25)
•Grounded a floating deer skull A0469 (34,-4)
•Grounded floating rock A6FC4 (33,-19); also moved slightly so that grass didn’t wave through it
•Grounded floating pot A9EC4 (-12,22)
•Grounded a half-floating bedroll (A2912; level on non-level ground) in RoriksteadExterior01 (-21,2)
•Grounded a hay pile (53160) in MorvunskarExterior01 (29,4) and nine (E7413/27/9/65E/60/2, 106C26/78/9) and a rocky ground texture piece (E7402) in SalviusFarmExterior02 (-41,1)
•Fixed Z-fighting intersection of tent floor piece 96862 (-1,24), curved exterior barrow wall 515D0 (-11,6), water near aggregate rock piece 59CD3 (-3,30) [moved/scaled to cover it], water near rock 9B14F (37,21) [moved/scaled to cover it], water near rock F7E20 (19,26) [moved/scaled to cover it], water near rock 5D0E6 (-8,-16) [moved/scaled to cover it], water near rock 99A8D (12,27) [moved/scaled to cover it]
•Grounded half-floating workbench 52410 and forge AB6E3 (6,14)
•Grounded several wheat sheaves (6233E/F/40/1/2/4/5) at a farm in RoriksteadExerior04 (-20,1) [when harvested, the chaff pile was floating]
•Grounded two potato plants (969AF/B0) at SalviusFarmExterior02 (-41,1) [when harvested, the square seethrough base of the object showed]
•Grounded a floating piece of driftwood (9B398) in (38,21)
•Removed a skeever head (B3BBB) placed deep underground that would end up embedded in a cliffside (-23,-7)
•Reoriented the Solitude carriage (C41E4) slightly so two of its wheels aren’t off the ground (-18,24)
•Added the missing flame/embers to a brazier (FD0C9) at the Whiterun gates (3,-3)
•Lowered a hollow seethrough-underside barrow obelisk (37EF9) at Yngvild (14,27)
•Moved a Nirnroot (EFECF) that couldn’t be picked as it was inside the Havok mesh of the hollow log it was placed in (35,24)
•Properly embedded a dagger (BB433) in a table which was instead balanced on its point, and raised a tankard (1B8B3) floating under the table in NilheimExterior03 (24,-15)
Other Worldspaces and Interiors
•Flipped a backwards chest (CE2A7) in the Abandoned Shack
•Moved a ruined book (10F408) and five Falmer Ears (10F409/A/B/D/F) that couldn’t be picked up as they were inside the Havok mesh of the shelf they sit on in Alftand Animonculory
•Grounded a slightly floating candleholder (F2383) and numerous dead bushes (36B23/48/55/6/F5/6/8/9/C/C01/4/5/D9A/A1/E1E/23/4/6/44/F82/D6/7151/8) in Angarvunde
•Grounded a floating cobweb (85C44) and burial urn (85C46) in Angarvunde Ruins
•Raised a lockpick (10E287) that couldn’t be picked up as was inside a skeleton’s Havok mesh, and fixed an unmineable gold vein (10E09D) in Ansilvund Burial Chambers
•Slightly raised a Dwemer gear (ACFFC) out of its wall, as its black background was hidden making it appear it was turning through stone, in Avanchnzel Animoncultory
•Fixed an unmineable gold vein (10FC47) in Blackreach POIBlackreach05 (-2,-1)
•Removed a useless out-of-place, unlit (and slightly floating) Dwemer floor lantern (D8F62) on the BlackreachArena (3,0) arena platform as the spinning blades would go right through it as if it wasn’t there, and lowered a seethrough-underside rubble pile (7CF3D)
•Closed a seethrough gap underneath the back of a cliff face piece (CE84A), and lowered a hollow seethrough-underside Dwemer pillar (2B7E1) [also lowered a paired one by the same about to match] in Blackreach BlackreachTowers (2,2)
•Grounded a seethrough-underside flat rock flooring piece (7AA37) in BlackreachCity (0,1) and a floating bush (DB936) in Blackreach (1,0)
•Closed a seethrough gap under a stairway (2B608) in BlackreachCity (0,1)
•Closed a seethrough gap between another cliff face rock (7AA10) and a wall in Blackreach (-1,1) [also adjusted four giant mushrooms so that they weren’t left floating]
•Closed a completely open platform end (8004E) in Blackreach POIBlackreach06 (1,3); appropriated rocky land piece 7AA4E for the job
•Closed a seethrough rock (4E7F7) in BlackreachWeatherTest2 (3,3)
•Corrected two piers that didn’t go all the way to the bottom and a missing water texture that allowed fall-through into water as if on land in Broken Oar Grotto
•Ground a semi-floating sharpened stick barricade (E74E0) and hay pile (8DEA6) in Broken Tower Redoubt
•Flipped a backwards End Table (F73A5) in the Dainty Sload
•Moved a partly floating shrub (7C45B) hanging over a rockface and fixed unmineable gold ore vein (10E14E ) in Darkshade
•Fixed a large (unlit) ceiling sconce’s (61B8D) ropes not displaying, making it appear it was floating, and grounded a floating Draugr corpse (F178B) whose head was also embedded in its niche in Dead Men’s Respite
•Grounded a seethrough-underside snowdrift (A547B) in Driftshade Cellar
•Moved a ground texture (ImpRubblePileSmall01 CAEBD) that was protruding through an adjoining wall and closed a hollow step (73593) in Fellglow Keep Dungeons
•Closed a seethrough gap in the ceiling of a hallway in Forelhost Refectory caused by a misaligned arch (7E3E0)
•Lowered a seethrough-underside ice pillar in Forsaken Cave (2FDD4)
•Replaced a common chair in Fort Dunstad (20918) that could still be sat on though buried in stone rubble up to the seat with a static one that can’t be
•Removed a redundant/duplicate room piece (3684A) that left a seethrough gap between the doubled floor, embedded a bucket and failed its possibly intended purpose of covering a seethrough gap of nothingness at the back wall, adjusted the wall position (448B5) to cover the gap and a torch (691C5) to compensate in a cell, and moved an overlapping crate (FBBD6) in Fort Kastav Prison
•Fixed an overlapping chest (D8989) in Fort Snowhawk when it was occupied by Imperials or Stormcloaks as it was missing its enable parent
•Moved the grindstone (B2531) in Frostmere Crypt to the center of its small room so that when the player activates it, the camera view doesn’t swing right outside the cell into the blue void
•Two candle sconces (5A252/4) in a stairway in Gallows Rock will no longer only show as hovering flames
•Flipped three end tables (A1B80, B3662/3) in Goldenglow Estate and a dresser (A3701) in Goldenglow Estate Second Floor that was facing the wall
•Closed a thin seam on nothingness between a hall (B1F95) and wall piece near the entrance of Halldir’s Cairn
•Attached a floating sconce (EE649) to its pillar and moved/scaled two night tables (EFF44/7) embedded in their beds in High Hrothgar
•Fixed flickery Z-fighting hay in Honningbrew Meadery (4E7C2)
•Closed a seethrough hole of nothingness at the foot of an alchemy crafting table (BC802) in Irkngthand Arcanex
•Moved a cluster of Glowing Mushrooms (CB799) that couldn’t be harvested as they were inside their wall’s Havok mesh in Irkngthand Slave Pens
•Closed a thin seethrough seam between two room pieces (29659 and A478E) in Korvanjund Crypt
•Closed a seethrough gap between the flooring and stairs (104880/1/2/3) of the platform of the word wall in the Labyrinthian maze LabyrinthianMazeWorld (0,0)
•Fixed an unmineable gold ore vein (10F0CF) in Labyrinthian Thoroughfare
•Repositioned an Alchemy Lab (C8835) in Labyrinthian Valkygg (-2,10) that was almost completely embedded in the wall behind it
•Removed a spurious three-quarters-hollow rock (NorPlatCorOut01 104422) from the floor, and moved a purple Mountain Flower (1044AE) that was growing from a solid stone tile instead of the nearby flowerbed in the Labyrinthian maze start LabyrinthianMazeWorld (0,-1)
•Removed an extraneous seethrough second dropdown ceiling in a tunnel of Lost Prospect Mine (56F25/C/825A)
•The door from Markarth’s Dwemer Museum to Calcelmo’s Laboratory (33D2C) is now properly tied to Calcelmo’s Laboratory Key, not the Dwemer Museum Key (he gives the player the latter to access the Museum, but the key also allowed access to his off-limits Laboratory where his guards would immediately attack the player)
•Moved a doorframe (B3994) slightly forward to cover a piece of missing texture on the threshold in MarkarthWorld (-44,0)
•Flipped a backwards chest (9CF4F) in the Markarth Smelter Overseer’s House
•Grounded several floating hay piles (446AF, 9184A, C0128/34) in Mistwatch West Tower
•Moved a wine bottle (F782F) that was almost completely embedded in a wooden post in Morvunskar
•Grounded a dwemer lever in Mzinchaleft that was floating over its pedestal (BE4CF)
•Fixed ragged one-sided edges and a seethrough gap of nothingness at the right side of the roof of a semi-submerged Dwemer structure in Mzinchaleft Depths; scaled/moved a rock (BEA48) to cover the errors
•Moved a Solid Dwemer Metal (F9D44) that was embedded in the floor’s Havok mesh so couldn’t be picked up in Mzulft Aedrome
•Moved a Glowing Mushrooms (C0541) that was embedded in the wall’s Havok mesh so couldn’t be harvested in Nchuand-Zel, and closed large seethrough gaps around the frame of the small hallway (560D1) to the door to Nchuand-Zel Control caused by using wrong piece; replaced DweFacadeHallSmExBg01 with DweFacadeHallSmExBgExtender01
•Lowered a Dwemer column (89899) that didn’t reach the ground in Nchuand-Zel Armory
•Moved a Large Dwemer Strut (FDDD1) that was embedded in the floor’s Havok mesh so couldn’t be picked up and closed a seethrough gap in a wall column (33680) in Nchuand-Zel Quarters
•Closed seethrough gaps (all around floor-to-ceiling) in a hallway of Nchuand-Zel Control (58CA5, 58CAB) and moved a Dwemer barrel (FDE0F) that rock clipped into
•Moved a Satchel (E9E2A) that was embedded in the floor’s Havok mesh so couldn’t be activated in Northwind Mine
•A pressure plate dart trap (2DE02) in Pinewatch Bandit’s Sanctuary will no longer erroneously trigger even if the player has the Light Foot perk
•Closed seethrough gaps at the sides of the stairs and small square holes with misaligned textures in the throne pedestal of Potema’s Refuge (26272/4/5/6/7/9/A/C)
•Moved two benches (B7CA7/8) somewhat embedded in the walls in Raldbthar
•Removed a spurious one-sided column fragment (78298) from a pool in Raldbthar Deep Market
•Fixed an unharvestable Imp Stool (C1744) and moved a small rock pile (C1713) to cover up a seethrough rip between the entry tunnel and main area of Rebel’s Cairn
•Removed two webbed, dessicated human corpses (ED0CB/13D) from Redbelly Mine as it’s indicated during the quest there that the spiders invaded recently and the mine was closed before anyone was even injured
•Closed thin seams between wall piece 2B191 and its neighbour and end piece 2B19B in RedEagleRedoubtWorld (-29,5)
•Moved the mannequins (102BDF, 120BE2) in Riften’s Honeyside (player home) slightly further from the wall as they could be activated from the other side, through the wall
•A wall, ceiling and post near the entrance of Riften Jail (RiftenJail01) will no longer disappear depending on the player’s viewing angle
•Closed a small seethrough gap under an arch in the Riften Ratway (A3DAE)
•Fixed a Z-fighting of a tunnel piece (A1C95) intersecting another in Riften’s Ratway Warrens
•Moved a crate embedded in a barrel (A2E68) and a neighboring basket to make room (A2E72), realigned two barrels clipping into other barrels (26D1E and 4E640) and closed a seethrough gap at the intersection of two pieces in the sewers (50C18) in Riften’s Riftweald Manor (Mercer Frey’s house)
•Closed ceiling gaps in an alcove (6EF7E), moved an impossibly balanced Ruined Book (A7C75) and raised a bowl (F1AFF) out of rock in Shroud Hearth Barrow
•Closed a land discontinuity in a corner (scaled/moved a rock (201E0) to cover the error) and replaced two columns (F384A / B) that were using MrkTreasuryColm01 with an exposed one-sided ragged piece hanging from them (replaced with DweRmLgColumn01) in Sightless Pit’s Temple of Xrib
•Grounded a slightly floating chair (CBF89) in Sky Haven Temple
•Grounded a floating fern (67FAB) and closed a seethrough area under a cliff face (67FB1) in Snapleg Cave
•Closed large gaps in the ceiling caused by use of incorrect pieces (5579A/F) in a section of Snow Veil Catacombs
•Raised a book embedded in its shelf (C85DA) and fixed a vertical strip of Z-fighting on a column (6ADD8) and at the sides of an archway (EAA33) in the Solitude Bards College
•Flipped a backwards chest (65CFC) in the Solitude Hall of the Dead
•The three new chairs around the living room table (D89D2, E2CB4/5) will no longer be embedded in the new chairs when the Living Room upgrade is purchased due to missing enable parenting, flipped the backwards chest at the foot of the master bed (9DA07) and eliminated a large arc of Z-fighting intersection on the wall by the mannequins (5F0B1) in Solitude’s Proudspire Manor (player’s home)
•The housecarl/guest bedroom in Proudspire Manor will now be properly upgraded and not remain with a bedroll, crates and hay after the player has been made Thane of Haafingar
•Fixed a crate (E273A) in Proudspire Manor remaining embedded in a chair and two cobwebs (E2753/4) remaining after the housecarl bedroom was upgraded as they were missing enable parents
•Three cobwebs (D8ACF/D3/F9) and three hay pieces (D8AD7/A/E, one of which was floating) will no longer remain in Proudspire Manor after the Enchanting area is purchased as they were missing enable parents
•The exterior back door of Proudspire Manor (3AF95) will no longer be unusable as it was tied to an incorrect key
•Appropriated a couple of sacks (F5D74/7) in SolitudeWorld SolitudeOrigin (-16,25) to cover a seethrough gap in an corner outside Bits and Pieces
•Aligned a misaligned wall piece (CD043) that had a seethrough gap on one side and clipped the candle resting on it, moved another candle (CD053) whose flame was hidden inside its similar wall piece and in the Solitude Temple of the Divines
•Moved an impossibly balanced/clipping barrel (37F58) and grouded a partially floating Nightshade plant (F6F90) in Solitude (SolitudeWorld SolitudeRow)
•Grounded a floating thistle plant (533AF) in SolitudeWorld SolitudeBluePalaceCourtyard (-13,24)
•Fixed an invisible ramp of projecting Havok mesh from wallpiece SCastleWall006 (E73A4) in SolitudeWorld SolitudeCastleDourDistrict01 (-15,26); appropriated nearby rock pile 5414E to cover it
•Removed an unused, unneeded hanging ring (208CE) from Solitude Castle Dour, Emperor’s Tower as the hollow rope protruded vertically through the floor into the room above
•Grounded a floating candle in the Solitude Blue Palace (1612E)
•Grounded a floating chair in Solitude Red Wave (DE85A)
•Closed a gap in SouthfringeWorld SouthfringeAvalanche (33,-16) near the boss chest that the player could go through and “fall out of the world;” caused by cliff face 6F0FD not being large enough
•Moved a lantern (C4B69) somewhat embeded in solid rock in SouthfringeWorld SouthfringeStart (35,-17)
•Grounded an urn (3A738) that was embedded halfway up a tree for some unknown reason in SouthfringeWorld SouthfringeNPC (33,-17)
•Closed a seethrough gap under a flooring piece (A49D1) and a floating shrub (FBAB7) in Stillborn Cave
•Closed a seethrough gap behind rockface piece (2587F) in Stony Creek Cave
•Grounded two floating thickets in Sightless Pit (106922/3)
•Grounded a floating horn candle (CA753) in the Thalmor Embassy, Barracks
•Grounded a half-floating bear trap (F552C) in Torvald’s Cave
•Grounded hay piles 4D461/7B/BC in Treva’s Watch and 6C28D/F/90/2 in Treva’s Watch Escape Tunnel
•Moved a scissors (79651), screwdriver (79652), scalpel (79653), Skeever tail (79654) and ruined book (D6F4F) that were embedded in the floor’s Havok mesh so couldn’t be picked up, grounded a seethrough-underside rubble pile (7F807) and closed huge seethrough gaps (large enough to walk through) around the misplaced entranceway to the Pilgrim’s Path (B0186) in the Twilight Sepulcher (needed to move the door, audio object and FX object as well to match; because doors’ positions are stored in the same the door may be misaligned on an existing save)
•Fixed a small piece of Z-fighting on a floor piece (40BF4) of Ustengrav
•Moved several unharvestable or completely seethrough-underside mushrooms (86E6E/F/70/1/2) up a wall (appropriated rock 362DF to put them on), replaced a half-buried cupboard (2E260) whose drawers opened into rock with a static shelf, and raised a cauldron (B08E4) clipping into rock in White River Watch
•Adjusted one of the sets of rocks (34EB1) at the side of the player’s home Breezehome in WhiterunWorld WhiterunPLainsDistrict03 [sic] (5,-2) to cover a seethrough gap of nothingness at the inside corner, and moved a set of sharpened stakes (FC8AF) by Severio Pelagia’s house so one stake doesn’t protrude through from the inside
•An unusable bench in Whiterun’s Bannered Mare (60343) can now be sat on
•Removed a duplicated-in-place beam (E3EFA) at the top of the stairs that ran the length of the floor of Whiterun’s Breezehome (appeared when the alchemy upgrade was purchased)
•Adjusted the scale/position of archway WRWallTierDivide01 (39ED0) in WhiterunWorld WhiterunPLainsDistrict03 [sic] (5,-2) to cover seethrough gaps between the sidewalk and stairs and the seethrough sidewalk border end
•Slightly lowered the interior Whiterun main gate (383C9) in WhiterunWorld WhiterunOrigin (4,-2) to close a seethrough seam between it and the main road mesh (1A329) parallel to the canal, visible from the Warmaiden’s grindstone
•Closed a seethrough gap under wall 506E0 behind Carlotta Valentia’s house in WhiterunWorld WhiterunOrigin (4,-2); appropriated rock pile piece 5110A from elsewhere to close it
•Closed a triangular seethough gap behind the Talos shrine between land mesh 506EE and wall 4C415 in WhiterunWorld WhiterunWindDistrict (6,-1); ; appropriated nearby boulder 10E995 to close it
•Closed a seethrough gap of void between the back of Dragonsreach and the land mesh 40BAC in WhiterunWorld (6,0); appropriated nearby boulder 587AF to close it
•Closed yet another seethrough gap of void between land mesh 40BAC and wall 89F7F in WhiterunWorld (6,0); appropriated nearby boulder 5A0A5
•Removed an out-of-place instance of RockPileS02FieldGrass01 (B96D5) at the well in the Whiterun market WhiterunWorld (6,-2)
•Removed a duplicated-in-place boulder (103067) outside the Whiterun walls in WhiterunWorld (6,-3)
•The intact House of Clan Cruel-Sea (5DA33) in Windhelm WindhelmPalaceOfTheKingsExterior (32,10) will no longer overlap the destroyed one during the siege of Windhelm due to missing enable parenting
•Moved two Hanging Moss plants (B804F/B7FFB) in Windhelm (31,9) and (32,9) respectively that couldn’t be harvested as they were inside their walls’ Havok mesh
•Grounded two dead shrubs (AEE9A/B) in WindhelmWorld (32,8)
•Replaced a wooden wall panel WHIntWoodWallKitWall03 (7D19E) that has holes in it with WHIntWoodWallKitWall01 that doesn’t, as it was allowing the fire in the fireplace on the other side to be seen (right through the brick chimney) in the Windhelm Blacksmith Quarters
•Fixed a strip of Z-fighting at the join of the hallway (C1068) and a basement room and another between its doorframe (C1067) and adjoining wall in Windhelm’s Palace of the Kings
•Scaled down a jug (D6474) in a bookshelf in the wizard’s quarters of Palace of the Kings Upstairs as its collision was knocking items above off the shelf
•Aligned a misplaced column 55BB9 hanging over the edge of a stairway which could be seen into and fixed bad clipping at the of another stairway AFC0F in Winterhold College’s The Midden
•Removed seethrough gaps under two floor pieces (ADDBD/E) in Wolfskull Ruins (also grounded several bones left floating when they were lowered) and grounded two potion bottles (AC6BD/E)
Text Fixes
•Corrected name of Leifnarr’s corpse in Broken Helm Hollow (C2871) “Nord” » “Leifnarr”
•Corrected typo in NPC name EncDremoraMelee06 (00016FF8) “Dremora Valynaz” » “Dremora Valkynaz”
•Corrected typo in creature name CritterPondFish02 (00106D29) “Abacean Longfin” » “Abecean Longfin”
•Corrected description for Banish magic effect BanishFFActor75 (0006F951) “Powerful summoned daedra creatures are are sent back to Oblivion.” » “Powerful summoned Daedric creatures are sent back to Oblivion.”
•Corrected description for Frost Breath shout FrostBreathShout (0005D16B) “Your breath is winter, you Thu’um a blizzard.” (“you Thu’um” » “your Thu’um”)
•Corrected description for third Experimenter perk: “Eating an ingredient reveals all it’s effects.” (“it’s” » “its”)
•Corrected loading screen: “Weapons can be improved at a Grindstone. Armor can be improved at a Blacksmith’s Table.” (“Blacksmith’s Table” » “Workbench”)
•Corrected activator TGCrownCompleteWithStand (0007F8DF) “Barenziahs Crown” » “Barenziah’s Crown”
•Corrected container dunMiddenInvestigationChest (000D30CC) “Investigators Chest” » “Investigator’s Chest”
•Corrected container QAEnchantedWeaponContainer (000C2CDF) “All EnchantedWeapons” » “All Enchanted Weapons” [note that this container can never be seen in normal gameplay]
•The Blessing of Talos effect (FortifyShoutTimerFFSelf 000FB992) will now display the correct magnitude (20% rather than 0%) in its Active Effects page
•The Equilibrium spell (DA746) will now show the correct drain health/restore magicka magnitude in its description, rather than a fixed amount of 25 per second
•Slightly improved cell names: “Palace of the Kings Upstairs” » “Palace of the Kings, Upstairs”
•Corrected the following errors in item names:
Renamed “Apple Pie” » “Meat Pie” as Sorex Vinius referred to them as this several times in Tending the Flames, then gave a misnamed “Apple Pie”; note that the item’s internal name is FoodPie (no mention of apples) and they are sold at inns (ie pub pies, which are meat pies) so this appears to be a mistake by the developers (there is no recipe to make them either and they are mentioned nowhere else)
Renamed all 19 types of Elven Gauntlets that were misnamed “Elven Bracers of…”
Renamed all 15 types of Steel Plate Gauntlets that were misnamed “Steel Plate Bracers of…”
FormID: 00010509 DancersFlute “The Dancer’s Flute” » “The Dancer’s Pipe” [Calixto refers to it as “The Dancer’s Pipe” several times in audio/subtitle during his museum tour]
FormID: 00043E27 FRiften14Ingot “Orichalcum Ingot” » “Wylandriah’s Orichalcum Ingot” [the other two items collected for Wylandriah in this quest are prefixed with her name]
FormID: 000B83CF ArmorFalmerGauntlets “FalmerGauntlets” » “Falmer Bracers” [they are bracers, as the hands are completely exposed]
FormID: 000FE2DF EnchArmorGlassHelmetMagickaRate05 “Glass Armor of Resurgence” (“Armor” » “Helmet”) [it is a helmet, has the helmet template, price, leveled list, etc.]
FormID: 00100E04 EnchRingDestruction06 “Ring of Peeless Destruction” (“Peeless” » “Peerless”)
FormID: 000CD883 FavorNightshadeExtract “Nightshade Extact” (“Extact” » “Extract”)
FormID: 0010DF96 EnchArmorOrcishBootsStamina04 “Orcish Armor of Eminent Stamina” (“Armor” » “Boots”) [it is a pair of boots, has the boots template, price, leveled list, etc.]
FormID: 0010DF96 EnchArmorSteelBootsStamina03 “Steel Armor of Major Stamina” (“Armor” » “Boots”) [it is a pair of boots, has the boots template, price, leveled list, etc.]
•Corrected the following errors in quest stages/objectives:
Finn’s Lute (BardsCollegeLute) 20: “Thieves stolen Finn’s Lute from the Bards College over a year ago.” (“stolen” » “stole”)
Glory of the Dead (C06) 10: “I should attend the funeral of Kodak Whitman, the late Harbinger of the Companions.” (“Kodak Whitman” » “Kodlak Whitemane”)
Glory of the Dead (C06) 10: “…, I need to convene in the Underforge to determine the next steps for the Companions following the death of Kodak Whitman.” (“Kodak Whitman” » “Kodlak Whitemane”)
Compelling Tribute (CWMission07) 40: “Together we will over power the enemy and secure the weapons and coin.” (“over power” » “overpower”)
The Black Star (DA01) “Nelacar has told me that his old mentor, Maylyn Varen,…” (“Maylyn” » “Malyn”)
Boethiah’s Calling (DA02) 10: “…, and once trapped by it’s magic, slay them. If I do this Boethiah will appear.” (“it’s” » “its”)
A Night To Remember (DA14) 100: “A note of debt I gave to Ennis in Rorikstead has directed me to Ysolda in Whiterun, she might be able to direct me to Sam.” (“Whiterun, she” » “Whiterun. She”)
A Night To Remember (DA14) 100: “Ysolda in Whiterun will give me more information about Same once I return the ring I borrowed from her to give to someone in Witchmist Grove.” (“Same” » “Sam”)
A Night To Remember (DA14) 115: “Ysolda in Whiterun will give me more information about Sam once I return the ring I borrowed from her to give to a hagraven Witchmist Grove.” (“Same” » “Sam”)
Repentance (dunDarklightQST): “…surprise. We attacked an killed her mother. Illia told me to take her mother’s staff from as a reward.” (“surprise. We” » “surprise. We”, “an killed” » “and killed”, “from as” » “as”)
The Book of Love (t02) 10: “I’ve agreed to help the Temple of Mara help the cause of love throughout Skyrim.” (“help the cause” » “promote the cause”)
The Pursuit (TG07) objective 41: “(Optional) Shoot the mechanism to lower the ramp” (“(Optional) Shoot” » “Shoot”) [this stage was never optional]
Blindsighted (TG08B) 40: “I’ve finally located Mecer Frey within the ruins of Irkngthand.” (“Mecer” » “Mercer”)
Blindsighted (TG08B) 60: “Mecer Frey is dead,…” (“Mecer” » “Mercer”)
No Stone Unturned (TGCrown) “However, I’ll need to wait until I’m full member of the Guild before she’ll be able to assist me.” (“I’m full” » “I’m a full”)
— DSOGaming side note: Kudos if you’ve managed to read all of this