Shots Fired – AMD Mocks NVIDIA’s Decision To Lock Drivers Behind GeForce Experience

And this was to be expected. After this whole controversy surrounding NVIDIA’s decision to lock its game-ready drivers behind its GeForce Experience (something planned for mid-December), AMD decided to mock its rival for that decision.

In a clever tweet, AMD claimed that it does not require any email registration from its users so they can download latest drivers for their cards.

And this isn’t the first time AMD mocks NVIDIA. Back in January, AMD shared an image in order to mock NVIDIA’s 3.5+0.5 GB VRAM fiasco.

Clever ideas and tweets, however we’d love to see AMD stepping up its game. The red team suffered a $197 million loss in Q3 2015, and according to various reports the company will lay off 5000 people due to a recent restructuring.

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