Shootmania Storm Is Now Available

Shootmania v2
Ubisoft and its studio Nadeo announced today that the full version of the fast-paced shooter ShootMania Storm is now available worldwide on PC digital download, on its official website, Steam and other digital retailers. To celebrate the launch, live community events are organized all over the world as part of the ShootMania 4 All launch party, while the game confirms its position within the competitive gaming scene with a series of high profile tournaments.
Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA VP sales and marketing at Ubisoft said:
“We are really excited to launch ShootMania Storm today. The game has something for everyone from FPS gamers to pro competitors, as well as community tools to stream out to Twitch or make your own customized modes and maps.”
ShootMania Storm is a fast-paced shooter for PC, designed to open competitive gaming to everyone. Easy to access but hard to master, ShootMania Storm is part of the ManiaPlanet platform and ecosystem that gives to gamers the powerful tools they need to create their own experience by building user-created maps, game modes, graphic assets and videos , but also allows them to create and manage their own teams and tournaments, and interact with the lively ShootMania Storm community.
Launched in Open Beta in February, ShootMania Storm welcomed hundreds of thousands of players on its servers, who created close to 40.000 maps to date, along with dozens of custom game modes. Listening to player feedback, Nadeo opened new creation tools, allowing players to create their own 3D characters or environments, while continuing to improve the core game experience with more content and tweaks.
In celebration of the launch of the game, communities from all around the world are gathering today for both live and online events as part of the “ShootMania 4 All Launch Party”. From France to the US, Germany to Ukraine, Norway to Canada, everybody has the opportunity to take part in the celebration or follow the dedicated livestream.
Enjoy its launch trailer, courtesy of PCGamer!
ShootMania Storm launch trailer