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Sea of Thieves surpasses two million players, is the best-selling Microsoft first-party game on Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that Sea of Thieves has more than two million players, and is already the best-selling Microsoft Studios first-party title on Windows 10. Furthermore, Microsoft revealed that more than 100,000 players have streamed Sea of Thieves since launch.

In addition, more than half of a million new Xbox Live friendships have been forged to date and over 400,000 players have joined an Xbox Club to find pirates to share stories with.

Yesterday, Rare released the first major update for Sea of Thieves that improves performance, fixes a range of potential game crashes, and makes some changes/adjustments to a number of features.

It will be interesting to see whether Rare will add more content to the game, especially after some harsh criticism about the lack of meaningful content in Sea of Thieves.

For what it’s worth, the game runs and looks great on the PC platform as you can read in our PC Performance Analysis article.