Rush Bros Coming To Steam On May 24th

Rush Bros
XYLA Entertainment announced that Rush Bros, a side-scrolling platform racing action game featuring music-reactive level design, will be arriving on Steam for PC and Mac on May 24th 2013.
Ian Boswell, Game Designer, XYLA Entertainment said:
“Rush Bros. started as a modification to Portal 2 co-op which turned the players against each other. The unique multiplayer mechanics and dueling Dubstep DJ themes became a metaphor for the unique social dynamic of cooperation through competition.”
Here are Rush Bros’ key features:
· Over 40 pulse-pounding, music-infused, platform racing tracks, jam-packed with puzzles, obstacles and power-ups
· Single Player Mode allows players to learn the levels and hone their skills against their own Ghost Data
· Online multiplayer includes PC / Mac cross-platform support
· Local multiplayer – split screen on one Mac or PC
· Reactive level design – the music you play directly affects the movement of traps, obstacles and backgrounds
· Choose to play using your own MP3 or OGG music library and see the level design react to what’s playing
· Evolving gameplay through updates that will feature new Level Packs, Game Modes and more
· Steamworks integration including Big Picture, Leaderboards and Achievements
· Features musical tracks by Infected Mushroom complete with custom themed level and characters.