Runic Games’ Hob to be released on September 26th

Runic Games, the team behind Torchlight I and II, has announced that its latest title, Hob, will be released on September 26th. In order to celebrate this announcement, Runic Games has released a new trailer for Hob that can be viewed below.

Hob is described as a vibrant, suspenseful action-adventure game set on a stunning and brutal world in disarray, in which players delve into the mysteries around them and discover a planet in peril. Hob will feature an open world that will be filled with puzzles and contrary to other titles, it won’t have any story-based text or dialogue.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • WORDLESS NARRATIVE: Presented without text or dialogue, Hob’s story is revealed as you explore the planet and interact with the strange lifeforms that inhabit it.
  • TRANSFORM THE WORLD by solving puzzles and repairing the planet. The landscape will change before your eyes, opening new areas to uncover and explore.
  • GRAPPLE, PUNCH, and WARP through the world! Use your mechanical glove-arm abilities for traversal as well as combat.
  • ADVENTURE in an open world, explore ruins, befriend sprites, and battle the rogue creatures that threaten their extinction.


Release Date Announcement Trailer | Hob