Rumour: Street Fighter V Coming To PC Next Spring

It seems that Capcom itself may have leaked the release date window for Street Fighter V on both PC and PS4. In its latest PAX East blog post, Capcom’s ‘GregaMan’ claimed that the game is currently planned for release next Spring on both platforms.

Capcom was quick to react and deleted the Spring reference, however that was a bit late as most outlets (including us) have already spotted that reference.

Our guess is that Capcom decided to delete that reference because it was too soon revealing a release date window. We also don’t know whether Capcom will be able to hit that targeted release date window or whether it will have to delay the game (based on the feedback it will receive from arcade gamers and fans).

All in all, SF V is not coming any time soon, so we can all concentrate on other fighting games (at least for the time being).

Lastly, we’re marking this as a rumour due to Capcom deleting the release date window reference from its post.