Rockstar Games’ Titles With Up To 75% Discount On Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming and Rockstar Games have some really interesting offers for PC gamers. Rockstar is currently offering GTA V with a 20% discount, Max Payne 3 with a 75% discount, L.A. Noire with a 75% discount and GTA IV with a 75% discount.

This basically means that you can get GTA V for 47.99 €, GTA IV and Max Payne 3 for 4.99 €, and L.A. Noire for 7.49 €.


Below you can find links to all of Rockstar’s special offers on Green Man Gaming, so act while you still can.

Grand Theft Auto V with 20% discount
Grand Theft Auto IV with 75% discount
Max Payne 3 with 75% discount
L.A. Noire with 75% discount
Bully: Scholarship Edition with 75% discount
Manhunt with 75% discount

As always, Green Man Gaming is offering a 20% sitewide code, which is live now and will run up until 4pm UTC on 25th September (you cannot use this voucher code in the above special offers).


Have fun!